Lately, Geoffrey Paschel has been taking advantage of his alone time. The "90 Day Fiancé" star recently disclosed the things he has been doing in the past weeks of being isolated from the rest of the world. In a recent Instagram post, he uploaded a photo of himself, with a huge dog, bathing in sunlight. In the caption, he posed a question to his followers, asking them why it is easier for people to judge others rather than attempting to know themselves.

He then wrote that “acts of service” is his love language. This is why sometimes he feels like it is his job to solve other people’s problems.

He also explained that he loves the feeling of being appreciated for his hard work and effort. In the last part of the caption, he disclosed that he recently took an Enneagram test. Based on the results, he found out that he was a type-2 person (“the supportive advisor”). A lot of his followers found his thoughts fascinating. Some fans come out in support of him while others slammed the "90 Day Fiance" star.

Geoffrey Paschel becomes more active on Instagram

Geoffrey Paschel may have run of things to do as he has been active on his Instagram in the past few weeks. This gave him a lot of opportunities to engage with fans of "90 Day Fiancé." The TLC star also recently uploaded a video of himself taking a bath in an outdoor shower.

In the clip, he reminded people that washing hands is just as important as having a clean body. He also reminded his followers to bathe their dogs. He funnily tried to lift his dog so it can be seen on his phone’s camera but he could only do it for a few seconds.

Earlier this month, he also posted a throwback photo of himself with his two sons.

He talked about how proud he is of his sons and how he tried to be the best dad possible to them. He then tagged his son Dakota in the latter part of the caption.

Paschel’s questionable past revealed

As his profile grows because of "90 Day Fiancé," details from his past are making its way to fan websites. Some of the reports have put George Paschel in a bad light and he has been trying to push back against people judging him ever since.

Reports emphasizing Paschel’s alleged problematic history with his previous relationships came out when he was announced to be part of the reality series. One of the disturbing information that got published is the allegations that he assaulted an ex-girlfriend in June last year.

The assault allegedly happened in his Tennessee home and involved him throwing her ex-girlfriend into the wall. This resulted in injuries and bruises for the other party, who later on discovered that he disconnected the phone so she cannot call 911. Paschel responded to the allegations, calling them lies. According to him, the ex-girlfriend only wanted to disrupt his custody case against an ex-wife.