Darcey Silva wants Tom Brooks to finally decide what he wants in their relationship. The "90 Day Fiancé" co-stars have been on-and-off, over the past few months, while trying to navigate their complicated circumstances as partners. In a sneak peek for the "Before The 90 Days" spinoff Tom is shown returning to the United States and he wants to talk to her. She sent the U.K. citizen a message, telling him that she was willing to meet up with him on her terms. He then replied that he wanted to fix things instead of “starting a war” with her.

In the teasers, for the premiere of the current "Before the 90 Days" season, it looks like their relationship is already headed over the cliff.

It seems that they will have a huge fight, during the coming season, that will prove to be irreconcilable. Based on the clip, trust issues and their long-distance relationship will be the cause of their argument.

Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks on their complicated relationship

Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva have a lot of issues to work through. Even they would admit how challenging it has been for them since they started dating. It can be recalled that the two had an awkward moment during the tell-all special of "Before the 90 Days" Season 3. During the special episode, they appeared to be in agreement and attempting to work out the many issues they have. Silva, for her part, faced criticism from the show’s fans over her relationships.

According to some of these fans, she is only with her lovers so that she can gain a platform in the public eye.

Before Brooks, there was Jesse Meester

Anyone familiar with the time Darcey Silva had on "90 Day Fiancé" knows that she had a rocky start in the franchise. Before she met Tom Brooks, she was on the TLC series with Jesse Meester.

Meester, who is from Amsterdam, previously appeared on the reality series with Silva. Now, he has chosen to leave the franchise, which opened up a slot for Brooks to step in. Meester is currently working as an actor, with minor appearances on Judas and Killing Eve to his credit.

Brooks and Meester surprise '90 Day Fiancé' fans with friendship

With the wild events that have happened on the show, "90 Day Fiance" fans rarely get surprised anymore. But that is exactly what happened when people discovered that Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks were friends. According to Meester, he and Brooks connected with each other due to their shared experience of being in a relationship with Silva. He said that they both realized how the Connecticut-based reality star manipulated them against one another.

He further explained that she constantly compared and pitted them against each other. This is said to be the reason why they did not get along for a few years. Silva, on the other hand, was not shy in admitting how uncomfortable she was with her exes’ friendship. She said that the Brit knows the things that Meester did to her during their relationship. Now, she feels that they are teaming up to smear her reputation.