Sharon Osbourne has decided to embrace her 67-years with her natural hair color and has gone 100 percent all white. Osbourne reveals she has decided to change up her signature red locks, which she has been faithfully dying for the past 18 years for the color she has been covering up according to People.

Sharon Osbourne has opened up about just how much work went into keeping up with that dark red hair for all these years. Sharon claims as she has progressively grown older, it has been a weekly endeavor to keep her natural white hidden away beneath the reds for all these years.

Sharon Osbourne ready for something a little simpler

Osbourne's hairdresser and close friend celebrity colorist Jack Martin claims that Sharon has wanted to undergo this major transformation for some time now. He adds that Sharon became so "tired of coloring her hair every week."

It became such a chore; however, since Sharon is a major television personality, she felt obligated for somewhile to keep up with her traditional hair color. Martin reveals the entire procedure from red to white took him close to eight hours to complete. The new color looks fantastic and endure Sharon that she will no longer be forced to undergo the grueling red dye process each week.

Life as an Osbourne

Osbourne's new color softens up her features giving way to a color that appears more subtle and suitable to a woman of Sharon's obvious maturity.

"The Talk" fans can look forward to seeing Sharon debut her new do this week.

So far, fans of Sharon Osbourne are loving the new look, and some even feel that it is well overdue. It could be that Sharon has decided to take on a new approach to simplicity. As reported earlier this year, Sharon appeared on "Good Morning America" in January with rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne to reveal that Ozzy was suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

Sharon and Ozzy open up about the singer's health issues

Ozzy's reveal followed months of media speculation that the singer may be terminally ill. Ozzy claims while he is battling the disease, he is not dying and was first diagnosed back in 2003. Though Ozzy states he has been dealing daily with the disease for many years, some days are harder than others.

To the singer's credit, he has been back in the recording studio producing new music, plans on engaging in a summer tour, health permitting. Ozzy admits over the years he has been in a real off and on funk but credits his recent return to recording and touring to helping to have snapped him out of it.

It has been a year of changes for all of the Osbournes, especially Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. However, things seem to be going their way as they all plan to stick together side by side and deal with whatever is thrown their way as a family. Granted, they will be dealing with it as "The Osbourne family" and in their own wild and rambunctious ways, which is what keeps them going and their lives so interesting.