Even after leaving the show, Anfisa Nava has continued to generate interest from fans of TLC’s "90 Day Fiancé." The reality star has a large social media following where she offers updates on her life since leaving the show. The Russian reality star recently had an exchange with some of her fans, on Instagram, after she posted a picture from her living room which appeared to have a strip pole in the background.

Anfisa Nava's picture

Former "90 Day Fiance" star posted the picture after Valentine’s Day, asking fans what they had been up to the following night.

While she seemed to be innocently trying to engage with her followers, some quickly noticed the stripper pole in the background and started commenting about it. Fans wanted to know why she had it in her room. Anfisa’s reply was sharp and to the point. Why not? Others questioned if the pole was indeed real. This irked the Russian reality star who sarcastically replied that she had photoshopped it.

However, not all fans were critical of the 24-year-old. Her supporters defended her, saying that having a stripper pole in her house did not automatically make her a stripper. They also commended her no-nonsense attitude. The suggestive picture could add fuel to the rumors that Anfisa is dating again.

There has been speculation that the reality star has moved on from her currently incarcerated husband Jorge Nava. Jorge is serving a two and a half year sentence for possession of marijuana. Anfisa focused on her fitness and modeling career after Jorge went to prison.

Relationship of Anfisa Nava

The 24-year-old successfully acquired a license to be a personal fitness trainer.

She has kept herself busy during her husband’s imprisonment. The couple got married during the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After." When they first appeared on the show, fans did not like Anfisa and due to her materialistic attitude. However, the show’s spectators have since reconsidered their opinions after seeing how the 24-year-old has kept out of the limelight after her man got went to prison.

However, there have been rumors that she has been seeing someone.

Recently, a picture surfaced on social media that showed the reality star in the company of a mysterious man. In the picture, Anfisa did not have her ring. It is still unclear if the Russian is still waiting on Jorge to serve his time ore if she has moved on. Fans went back and forth over the picture, with some saying that it was proof she was moving on while others argued that one picture with a stranger did not mean that her marriage was over. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance"