Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have finally made an agreement surrounding the custody of their daughter Dream. The couple has been meeting frequently with their attorneys to determine the best course of action for their daughter. It has been confirmed that they recently came to an agreement and that the legal documentation has been signed and sealed.

The couple finally reached an agreement

According to Hollywood Life, former celebrity couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have finally come to an agreement surrounding the custody of their daughter Dream.

As a result, Kardashian has agreed that he will pay a total of $20,000 per month in child support.

Fans are shocked by the amount that Rob Kardashian has to agree to, however, it has been explained that the court looked at Rob's income and made a fair decision about the cost. The court stated that they did not want one parent to be living in a mansion while the other was struggling to make rent for an apartment.

According to AU News, the courts made a decision, which will benefit Dream Kardashian's standard of living. Family law expert David Pisarra revealed that Blac Chyna may have some advantage over Rob Kardashian, which also swayed the income in her favor. It has not been confirmed that this is the case but rumors have begun surfacing about Chyna's involvement in the settlement amount.

Chyna has dropped her lawsuit

According to E! News, Blac Chyna and her ex Rob Kardashian have been maintaining a safe distance from one another recently while discussing the terms of their daughter's custody. This had led to Blac Chyan's decision to drop her lawsuit against Rob Kardashian for his use of revenge porn against her.

Chyna's attorney made a statement about the situation and has confirmed that Chyna is no longer interested in pursuing the lawsuit. She stated that Rob Kardashian has been adhering to her client's requests to stay away from her and as such, Blac Chyna no longer feels threatened by her ex. Thus, Blac Chyna has agreed to focus on co-parenting her daughter Dream with Rob Kardashian.

In a report by Hollywood Life, it has been confirmed that there is a chance that Blac Chyna may revisit the lawsuit in the future. It has been agreed that if there are any other instances of revenge porn or domestic abuse, Chyna will be bringing Rob back to court.

It appears that the dispute between the parents has ended -- at least for the time being.