The 2010s saw the MCU come full circle with 2019's "Avengers: Endgame," as Iron Man sacrificed himself to save the universe and stop Thanos. The MCU only saw the success it received thanks to "Iron Man" becoming a massive blockbuster. Sending Tony Stark away the way they did was the right decision it seems, even though fans weren't ready to say goodbye.

As fans have learned over the years, anything is possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including a potential return of the Armored Avenger somewhere in the future. Robert Downey Jr. has not fully written off the possibility of returning to the role.

Downey spoke to Extra promoting his film "Doolittle," and was asked about a possible return to his role as Iron Man. Downey said that "anything is possible", but walked that back saying he is unsure about what the future holds.

RDJ okay with no longer being Iron Man

Downey says that as far as he is concerned, he hung up his armored suit and is okay with letting it go. "I think Marvel is on a new journey and they're trying new things", he said to Extra when promoting "Dolittle"."I'm excited for them to see how all of that goes. It's hard to project but we got a lot of other stuff we want to do", he added.

Plenty of rumors have surfaced, hinting at a potential return of RDJ as Iron Man, including a possible cameo in "Spider-Man: Far From Home," that did not end up being true.

A return has not been written off by fans, with some hoping he could return in the form of a possible voiceover role in a future project.

It may be years before we see Iron Man again

Jeff Goldblum added to the speculation, with him saying that RDJ would be lending his voice to the upcoming "What If...?" series, but this was immediately walked back by Marvel Studios and Disney.

So that possibility is not real. No matter what, it may be a few years before we see anything.

Downey Jr., joined the MCU in 2008 when it was just his "Iron Man," film. He then took on the role for another 10 years, appearing in 10 Movies. There's a small possibility he could return in "Black Widow," which takes place prior to "Endgame."

It has been reported that after the filming of "Iron Man 3," Downey was planning an exit strategy and that it took a lot to bring him back for "Captain America: Civil War." "Dolittle" will arrive in theaters next weekend.

Marvel Studios has plenty of films on the slate for this year including "Black Widow," in May, and "The Eternals," in November. Marvel also has several programs gearing up for release on Disney's streaming service Disney Plus.

Tony Stark's death at the end of "Avengers: Endgame," makes it a surprise to hear the actor speak freely about a possible return. It would be interesting to see MCU unleash their anti-aging technology on the actor for a potential prequel or flashback sequence.