The "Mandalorian" is one of the highest-rated series on IMDb, and the first season has come to an end. Episode 8 started with Mando and others in a blown-out cantina, and Moff Gideon and his many of his Stormtroopers, his man brought out a weapon called the "E-web," he gave them some time to surrender or they will start the attack.

The two troopers who killed Kuiil in the last episode we're waiting for an order, and when baby Yoda makes noise, he will hit the bag baby Yoda is inside. Surprisingly the IG-11 meet them and demands for the baby; they refused to hand over the baby; he is a droid that is supposed to protect the baby.

So he bit them and took off with the child.

Back In the carina, Mando and others tried to find a way to escape before the attack starts. Then Gideon Stormtroopers hears a sound coming from the corner, and it's IG-11 coming with the baby, they fired their weapons at him as it had less effect, the droid comes of the speeder and starts firing at the Stormtroopers.

Gideon watched his troopers dying as he aims and shoots Mando on his head, it had a considerable effect, Gideon then uses his "E-web" on Mando, and it exposed and sent Mando to the ground.

Dune then gets out of the cantina and drags him Mando in for safety, IG-11 and Karga follow her inside. Gideon sends a trooper with a fire gun to burn down the building; the cantina was on fire.

The Trooper then aims the fire gun at baby Yada and fires the gun at him, the baby then squint his eyes and raised his hand and stops the fire, it exploded the tropper with his weapon.

IG-11 passes through the grates, and Cara Dune tells Mando to go with them but, his injured and he told her to leave him. So IG-11 gives Cara the baby and, and the droid stays with Mando, he takes off his helmet, and he heals wound on his head.

IG-11 takes off his helmet, and it shows that the man behind the helmet is Pedro Pascal his face looked bloody because of the damage done by Gideon.

The Droid healed, and they meet up with Cara Dune and Greff Karga, along with the baby. They carried him down the tunnel, and Mando found it challenging to walk, as they carried him, he said he could walk again.

Then Cara Dune, Greff Karga, and other escape following a lava river in the tunnel, as they entered a droid paddled the boat, and the later noticed they were tropper at the end of the tunnel. Then Cara shot the droid since it refused to stop paddling when they demanded it to stop the boat. IG-11 instead to self destruct himself since he is not allowed to be captured. He went into the lava and started moving to where the troopers where and he exploded and killed the troopers standing and waiting for them at the end of the tunnel.

The Ending of 'Mandalorian' season eight

As they came out of the tunnel, they saw Gideon with a Tie Fighter shooting at them. Then Mando put on his jet pack and flew after the Tie Fighter, he put an explosive on the Tie Fighter, and it exploded, Gideon and Tie Fighter fall on the ground, before the end of the episode we see Gideon coming out from the Tie Fighter alive.

'Mandalorian' show details

  • TV show: "Mandalorian."
  • Genre: Action fiction.
  • Air Date: December 27, 2019.
  • Season Number: 1
  • Episodes Number: 8
  • Where can I watch this series? - Disney+