Almost midway through “90 Day Fiancé” Season 7, Blake and Jasmin are proving to be a fan favorite couple on the reality series. Jasmin, a 27-year old Finnish model, first met the 29-year-old audio engineer through a dating app.

As with most couples on the show, Blake and Jasmin began falling in love with each other. In fact, Blake had already gone to Finland to see her in person. When he realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jasmin, he popped the question. Of course, she said yes. Little did they know, they would be facing a few complications when they go back to America.

Blake and Jasmin on '90 Day Fiancé'

Based on the most recent teaser for the next episode of “90 Day Fiancé” Season 7, it is looking like Jasmin is getting a frosty reception from Blake’s friends, reports Newsweek. Some of them are questioning Jasmin’s intentions for wanting to marry Blake. This is due to their assumption that she is only in it for the Green Card.

Blake’s friends became even more suspicious about Jasmin when they discovered that her sister, Janet, was in America too. Janet, who lives in Los Angeles, may be the real reason Jasmin wants to move to the U.S.

Part of the reason why Blake’s friends are being careful about Jasmin is because of their friend’s experiences in his past relationships.

Blake revealed that he got married at the young age of 19 and then got divorced at 23. He admitted that he was naïve during this previous marriage. He also confessed that their careers had a huge impact on the decision to separate.

Even Blake’s mother, Kerline, was outspoken about her skepticism of the new relationship. As a concerned mother, she did not want her son’s future wife to be materialistic.

The last thing she wants is for Jasmin to demand designer clothes and a better home from her son.

Blake’s rant against the show

When “90 Day Fiancé” Season 7 premiered on November 3, Blake expressed his disappointment that he did not see their love story unfold on the premiere episode. He was not shy about his feelings, ranting about it on Instagram Stories.

Blake even called himself and Jasmin "The most anticipated couple” of the show’s seventh season. Thankfully, he calmed down after a few hours. He clarified that it was not his intention to disrespect the series’ producers and cast. He also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to appear on the show.

How is Blake and Jasmin right now?

Due to their compelling storyline, the couple has earned some fans online. A lot of them are curious if the two went on to marry each other. Based on Jasmin’s social media posts, there is a good chance that the wedding pushed through. She posted two Instagram photos in Los Angeles in the past month: one on November 4 and the other on November 14. During the press events for the show, Jasmin was seen wearing an engagement ring and being sweet to Blake.