"The Walking Dead" is back to being one of the best shows on TV.

In fact, it’s been great for a while now, ever since Angela Kang took over as a new showrunner back in season 9.

According to Forbes, changing showrunners was exactly what the show needed to become a success again.

Changing showrunners was a key to the show's newly-found success

Unlike its sister show “Fear the Walking Dead,” that’s been simply unwatchable ever since the new showrunners took over, “The Walking Dead’s” change of showrunners was a key ingredient in making this show great again.

Change of showrunners in the middle of the show usually isn’t a good idea, but this one, in particular, turned out pretty great.

Sure, it might not be as good as it was during its golden years (seasons 4 through 5), but it’s getting pretty darn close.

'The Walking Dead' season 10 proves the success isn't just temporary

"The Walking Dead" is yet again filled with its amazing and terrifying action sequences, meaningful dialogue, and jaw-dropping twists, and turns.

Once again, we have the characters that we care about, even if there are still so many of them.

We all had our doubts about whether the series would be able to maintain the momentum it had after a rather excellent season 9. The first four episodes of season 10 are proof that it can.

As noted by Forbes, not only did the series manage to keep this momentum going, but it managed to become one of the best series on TV right now.

Rick Grimes' departure helped 'TWD' get back on its feet

When I first heard about Rick Grimes leaving the show early in season 9, I thought it would put a final nail in “The Walking Dead” coffin. After all, Rick was the leader in every sense of the word, and he even managed to carry the show through its worst times (seasons 6 through 8.)

However, Rick leaving turned out perfectly for the show itself.

And it also managed to expand "The Walking Dead" universe as there are three Rick Grimes movies planned.

As noted by Paul Tassi from Forbes, Rick’s departure has been surprisingly freeing for the show as it now became more decentralized, able to focus on other characters as well.

Daryl is no longer grunting and is actually back to having meaningful conversations with people around him. Negan has become a character that we can actually sympathize with. Siddiq, Eugene, Aaron, and even the new guys Connie, Magna, Luke have all become characters we care about.

The Whisperers, on the other way, have grown into the show’s most terrifying villains, and the best of them is yet to come. The two groups are in the middle of a cold war at the moment, but things are about to get very serious very quickly.

All in all, if you’ve given up on the Walking Dead, it’s time to tune in again, you won’t regret it.