The CW is no stranger to spin-offs and remakes with their dazzling success rate with superhero shows that began with “Arrow” which is now in its final season run and has led to the spin-offs “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow” which returns in 2020, and will be part of the upcoming “Crisis” crossover, and new series “Batwoman.” The network is also home to superhero shows “Supergirl” and “Black Lightning.” The CW has also delved into the trend of remakes and adaptations with shows such as “Roswell, New Mexico” which premieres with season two in 2020, “Charmed,” “Dynasty,” “Nancy Drew,” and “Riverdale.” The network is looking to expand its roster with spin-offs to "Arrow" and "The 100" with backdoor pilots that will air as part of the final seasons.

'Arrow' and 'The 100' backdoor pilots

With “Arrow” bowing out in January 2020, the CW is already eyeing its next Arrowverse spin-off with a pilot already in the works that will focus on Oliver Queen’s daughter Mia, played by Katherine McNamara (“Shadowhunters”), and two other “Arrow” favorites. Laurel Lance played by Katie Cassidy Rogers and Dinah Drake played by Juliana Harkavy will be sticking around the future if the pilot is to be picked up.

Showrunner Beth Schwartz shares to TVLine that they always knew what the future storyline would be for the final season and the pilot for the potential series will be its own thing. The current title for the project is “Green Arrow and the Canaries.” McNamara teased on Twitter with a video where the actor reveals that it was the first day of filming for the backdoor pilot.

Digital Spy reports that Joseph David-Jones playing Connor Hawke on “Arrow” has expressed interest in being part of the spin-off, but nothing has been officially confirmed. On a fun note, the actor teases that he’d be 100 percent down to join “Legends” and gushes how fun it’d be to play with those guys. Hopefully, the CW will make plans to keep David-Jones around on one of the two series.

The CW is also looking to continue on with another popular show airing its last season in 2020. It’s been confirmed that “The 100” will be airing a backdoor pilot during the final season which will focus on events that occurred 97 years before the events of the current series. The show will follow the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse with a band of survivors.

The final season of "The 100" will contain 16 episodes. The network is also looking to retool the series “GCB” which ran for only a season on ABC. This time the show will take place in high school.

Jared Padalecki set to be the next 'Walker'

The CW has also acquired another remake in the works which will find a notable CW star sticking around the network. “Walker, Texas Ranger" ran from 1993 to 2001 and starred legendary actor Chuck Norris in the titular role. The potential series will simply be titled “Walker” and has already landed its lead in “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki. The new series has Anna Fricke on board as an executive producer/writer with Dan Lin and Dan Spilo attached as executive producers.

Currently, all that is known about the upcoming project is that it will follow Cordell Walker who has returned to Austin, Texas after an assignment kept him undercover for two years. Where in the original show, Walker was a lone wolf and a bachelor, the new Walker is described as a widower and father of two. He will also be gaining a new partner who is described as one of the only women in Texas Rangers' history.

Last season, two pilots didn’t make it forward and were left hanging in the balance with their fates unknown. Deadline reported updates for the potential shows back in June with news that “The Lost Boys” may not have received a pick-up but it will be retooled. The entire cast was let out of their contracts expect for Medalion Rahimi and Dakota Shapiro. “Glamorous” originally was meant to be retooled but has been officially dropped. Though the CW seems to still think highly of the pilot.