The 100” makes its return April 30 with the season six premiere and has already scored a season seven renewal from the CW. Season six revamps the series after Earth was nuked at the end of last season and everyone went onto the ship Eligius IV to escape. As usual with "The 100" there's a catch: another time jump. Unlike the time jump in season five, this one is 125 years and involves some time spent in cryo-sleep. The season ended as Clarke and Bellamy awakened to meet Jordan who delivered a message to them from his parents, Monty and Harper who put Jordan into cryo-sleep and found a new planet for everyone aboard.

The new season stars Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Paige Turco, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Shannon Kook, and Lindsey Morgan.

Entering a new world in 'The 100'

The new season picks up with echoes of season one as they embark on this strange new planet, but showrunner Jason Rothenberg teases to Variety that now the characters come with post-apocalyptic baggage and describes them as being blood-drenched. This new season will tackle the idea of what it means to do better and if in fact, they can do better. J.R. Bourne joins the cast as the peaceful leader of the new world Sanctum and is described as being a visionary and a pioneer. Rothenberg continues with the tease that though this is a seemingly peaceful place, those living on this planet may not want those from Earth to be there.

The “Sanctum” press release describes the premiere as kicking things off with a small group deciding to descend down to investigate the mysterious new planet after they got Monty's message. Elsewhere in the episode, the Wonkru aboard the Mothership deals with consequences in the wake of their decisions. Then on May 7, the episode “Red Sun Rising” continues with those on the new planet discovering new dangers to face, while on the Mothership, Raven has to team up with an unlikely ally to save everyone.

On Bellamy's feelings toward Jordan, Bob Morley teases to Collider that Jordan is a quirky character who Bellamy might not necessarily know how to deal with but adds that Bellamy and Clarke may take the place of surrogate parents toward the new addition. To Variety, Jason Rothenberg shares that Jordan has never been around anyone other than his parents and has only eaten algae so he's now experiencing these new things and a whole new place.

Given it's "The 100" not everything is going to be pleasant and the showrunner questions if this wide-eyed character can stay innocent.

Character journeys for season 6

Jason Rothenberg teases to TV Guide the new season explores the theme of facing your demons and shares the theme will take on a very different meaning as the season progresses. The showrunner continues by teasing some Clarke's journey will be her confronting the demons of her past actions and teases how her real journey won't be seen until around episodes four to six. Rothenberg hints that Eliza Taylor gives a brilliant performance. At WonderCon, Marie Avgeropoulos teases that Octavia knows she needs redemption but is cryptic about if this will be something Octavia is willing to do.

Bob Morley teases to Collider that now Clarke and Bellamy are leaders again they'll be attempting to live according to the mantra from Monty about being the good guys and shares that the two still have a lot between them that needs to be resolved. The two will be faced with trying to define what it means to be the good guys and what the right thing to do is in a planet they're just now discovering. Jason Rothenberg shares to TV Guide that Clarke and Bellamy will have to work to get be on the same page. Marie Avgeropoulos teases to Collider that things between Bellamy and Octavia will be interesting this year after everything that went on between them last year, like Octavia throwing Bellamy into the pit, and continues with how Bellamy's relationship with Echo will provide some conflict with Octavia.

As for hope the two siblings will work things out, the actors were cryptic with details but Avgeropoulos teases her excitement and describes something between them which will shock viewers while Morley shares about water under the bridge the two have to deal with before they can have something more.

Jarod Joseph teases to TV Insider about Miller's journey this season after he chose to side with Octavia and everything which eventually unfolded in the bunker. His boyfriend Jackson (Sachin Sahel) will be with him to help deal with everything and to face the trials of this new planet. Joseph describes the new season as a hangover for everyone as no one is necessarily a talker and everyone has a lot of issues they're carrying with them.

On the relationship between Jackson and Miller, Joseph describes Jackson as being a light to Miller and strikes positivity and balance. The actor teases moments of reflection to come with them looking back on everything bad that occurred.

Echo will also be facing a journey this season as her past will be explored with Bob Morley teasing to TV Guide how Bellamy will play a part in helping her deal with this emotionally. Indra's loyalties could be tested as she's the sort who will sacrifice whatever is needed for her tribe. Henry Ian Cusick will be in the upcoming season which is confirmed through the trailer with Kane being seen awake and surprisingly alive, though his future is questionable. WonderCon found Richard Harmon teasing how season six is his favorite season yet for Murphy but the actor remained mum on why.