Dev Griffin and Dianne Buswell crashed and burned on "Strictly Come Dancing 2019" last weekend. Unfortunately, their Cha Cha Cha was not good enough to keep them going on this show, which commands a substantial following. Speaking on "It Takes Two," Dianne lamented over breaking a promise she initially made to Dev moments from their dance-off.

The show is now entering its fifth week with the competition, among participants, expected to become stiffer than before. Sadly, for Dianne and Dev, they are not going to participate in "Strictly Come Dancing" after finishing third hence being eliminated.

The two dancers only managed to score 27 points coupled with a lot of feedback from the judges. The fans watching from home were not impressed by their performance, hence did not vote Dev and Dianne through to the next stage. As a result, they ended up in the last two alongside Emma Weymouth, hoping the judges would save them.

The judges were called upon to save one of their favorite dance crew from the remaining bottom two. Consistently they voted, through Emma Weymouth, bringing an abrupt end to Dev and Dianne’s journey in "Strictly Come Dancing 2019."

Dianne Buswell reveals her promise to Dev

After being voted off "Strictly Come Dancing," Dianne made an appearance at "It Takes Two" hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal.

She had a lot to share concerning their exit from the show and revealed a promise she had made to her dance-off partner, Dev, before hitting the stage.

Dianne admitted being in shock when it dawned on them that they were in the bottom two, reports Express UK. She told Rylan that it had never occurred to her that Dev might one day be in the last two.

Dianne believed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Dev had done an amazing job and deserved better.

Immediately the light turned red, Dianne had assured Dev that they would come out successful. However, the judges’ verdict meant they had to exit from the show. Dianne felt like she failed Dev with that promise she made to him during their pep talk.

She is pretty sure Dev is not only a talented dancer, but a real gentleman, and he deserved to be in the fifth week of "Strictly Come Dancing."

Reactions from fans

"Strictly Come Dancing" fans had mixed reactions regarding Dev and Dianne’s elimination from the show. A measurable number of fans expressed their disappointment following the exit of these two dancing stars.

Since the die has already been cast, and Dev and Dianne’s fates, on "Strictly Come Dancing" sealed, it is now upon the fans to focus on what is coming next. Now into its fifth week, the show is going to become even more competitive. Let us know what you think about Dev's exit from "Strictly Come Dancing." Stay tuned for more updates