What appeared to be an innocent date between Larissa Lima and Corey Rathgeber has led to a needless online argument. Already, it has thrown Corey and Evelin’s relationship into jeopardy. Evelin thinks that her boyfriend was out cheating on her with his fellow cast member, something Larissa has refuted using the strongest words possible. According to Moms, Larissa decided to battle with Evelin over Corey.

The aftermath of the "90 Day Fiancé’s" unexpected meetup has been nothing short of ugly and uncalled for. First, Larissa posted a selfie of her and Corey thus pissing off Evelin, who immediately rushed to Instagram to spill the beans to her fans who might have been unaware of what had happened when Corey ran into Larissa.

Larissa responds to Evelin’s allegations

The two "90 Day Fiancé’" stars no longer get along like before, they have become sworn enemies. Fans have witnessed them hurl insults at each other via their Instagram accounts. They have engaged in constant name-calling to a point of Larissa exposing Corey’s private messages.

Before their ugly feud, which Leida Margaretha believes it is only a slight misunderstanding, Evelin had one time confided in Larissa while under serious criticisms from haters and fans. Being a kind-hearted lady, Larissa resolved to advise and support her regardless of the hate from fans which followed them afterward.

Recently, Larissa came out to shed some light regarding their ongoing disagreement.

She still maintained that her meet up with Corey was never planned but an unexpected encounter. She went on to reveal that the two had drinks, played slot matches, talked and nothing unusual such as kissing ever happened.

Larissa seemed infuriated by the fact that many people especially Evelin were making a fuss out of the current state of affairs.

Truth be told, this was not the first time Corey was meeting his fellow cast members, he had already met the likes of Annie and David. Surprisingly, nobody attempted to criticize him for previously meeting his fellow cast members.

Name-calling antics

Despite being angered by Evelin’s sentiments and name-calling antics, Larissa has some beautiful words of advice for her.

She believes this unnecessary dispute between them can come to an end if only Evelin decides to have a serious conversation with Corey.

It is still unclear whether Corey and Evelin are still dating, but considering the current state of affairs, their relationship might just have gotten rocky. Evelin does not seem to trust him at all, she appears insecure. No wonder, Larissa’s selfie with Corey was sufficient to make her start doubting him.

"90 Day Fiancé’" fans have been keenly following the turn of events in the Larissa and Evelin’s saga. For them, the drama is far from over, not until Evelin gets to hear Corey’s side of the story, maybe that might bring an end to this unwarranted feud.