Riverdale” returns Wednesday with its season four premiere, which kicks off with an emotional episode that will no doubt have fans in tears. The first episode of the season will veer away from the usual craziness such as Chad Michael Murray led cults, serial killers, relationship drama, Serpent disputes, and even bear attacks to pay tribute to beloved actor Luke Perry who portrayed Fred Andrews, the father of Archie Andrews. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shares with TVLine about how last season they deliberately chose not to address Perry’s passing for they wanted to take time to address it properly and not place it between the crazy stories that were happening at the end of season three.

Fans will note that last season had several crazy schemes that were wrapped up by the end of the season, with each of the four characters having spent much of the season separated on their own stories. The EP continues that the hiatus gave them time to reflect and think about the story they wanted to tell, which he notes were the right decision and informs that they wanted to tell a very grounded truthful story in the premiere. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa goes on to say that the episode was brutal to film especially for KJ Apa who plays Archie and was Perry's primary scene partner, sharing that everyone was proud to tell this tribute and that it gave everyone a chance to process of the loss of Perry together.

NYCC shares first look trailer for season four

Teaser photos shared by TVLine reveal a few sneak peeks at upcoming episodes with premiere teasers featuring a rare photo of Reggie, Veronica, Kevin, Archie, Jughead, Betty, Cheryl, Toni, and Josie altogether with various somber photos and a sneak peek at Shannen Doherty’s appearance in the episode.

Doherty is the one that was with Fred when he died and is the one who explains what happened to him. Aguirre-Sacasa shares with EW that Doherty's character will be an unexpected source of comfort for Archie and describes the scene as heartbreaking, sharing how her love for Perry is felt. Episode two photos tease Jelly Bean, Betty and Jughead talking to Veronica at what looks like a party, FP talking to Jelly Bean, Jughead talking to Jelly Bean, Cheryl at a party, and an appearance by FP at the party.

For episode three, fans get a look at a serious-looking Archie with an equally serious-looking Mad Dog and Kevin on either side of him and another photo teasing a serious Betty on the phone.

New York Comic Con shares a teaser promo for the upcoming fourth season of "Riverdale" which gave fans the first look at the upcoming tribute episode with a heartbreaking scene where Archie discovers the loss of his father. The teaser also shares sneak peeks at what's in store for upcoming episodes that include Archie turning the gym into a community center, Veronica and Archie talking about him fighting crime, Veronica’s continued family drama now that Hiram is in prison. Cheryl continuing to deal with the grief of losing Jason which took a creepy twist at the end of last season.

The teaser ends with plenty of the usual romance and drama that makes “Riverdale” what it is.

Jughead goes to a new school

The CW has released descriptions for the first three episodes of "Riverdale" season four. The first episode is entitled “Chapter fifty-eight: In Memoriam,” which shares that as the town prepares to celebrate Independence Day, a phone call changes Archie’s life forever. As fans know, this phone call is the news of Fred’s death. “Riverdale” is back October ninth along with the premiere of the new series “Nancy Drew.” The next episode is entitled “Chapter fifty-nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High” will find Archie (KJ Apa) attempting to talk Mad Dog into attending Riverdale High and joining the football team while Jughead (Cole Sprouse) gets an opportunity to attend an elite school called Stonewall Prep and Veronica (Camila Mendes) has to deal when information about Hiram’s arrest gets out.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kevin (Casey Cott) is trying to make amends with Betty (Lili Reinhart) by applying for the Blue & Gold, and Cheryl goes up against the new principal. The episode airs October 16th.

The third episode is entitled “Chapter sixty: Dog Day Afternoon” and finds matters taking a dangerous turn in Betty and Charles’ search for Edgar and the Farm while Veronica and Archie are trying to raise money for the community center with a car wash fundraiser. Elsewhere in the episode, Jughead starts at Stonewall Prep, but his first day doesn’t go as he planned, and Cheryl learns about a dark family secret. The CW hasn’t released any other episode descriptions, but episode titles have been released. Episode four is simply titled “Halloween," episode five is called “Witness for the Prosecution,” episode six is called “Hereditary,” and episode seven is called “The Ice Storm.”