The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 4 reveal that Warden Wolf will be a recurring character in the show. Wolf is played by "Law & Order" actor Richard Brooks, and he will have a vendetta against metahumans and vigilantes throughout the course of the show.

Film director and comic book enthusiast Kevin Smith teased the possible storyline for the fifth season of the show as he announced on Twitter that he would have a collaboration with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg regarding its plotline.

Who is Warden Wolf?

According to, Warden Wolf will be a recurring character in "multiple episodes" this season, although the showrunners and the CW Network did not clarify exactly how many episodes it will be.

He made his first live-action appearance in episode 2 after Barry Allen and Joe West transferred Kilg%re in Iron Height's metahuman wing.

Wolf in the show, is cruel and hateful towards his metahuman prisoners, and he relishes on making their lives miserable in Iron Heights similar to his comic book counterpart. He also despises metahuman superheroes and vigilantes, and it will likely reflect on his relationship with The Scarlet Speedster and his team.

The CW Network announced that two metahuman characters will be added to the show, and they are Brainstorm and Fallout. Brainstorm has the ability read minds, while Fallout has radiation-based powers that are harmful to everyone around him.

Season 5 plot teased?

Kevin Smith tweeted that Andrew Kreisberg told him about the possible storyline for "The Flash" next season. Although there is no official announcement regarding the show being renewed for a fifth season, the fans loved it, and its ratings have improved since its premiere.

The current plot for season 4 will feature Team Flash rounding up new metahumans that were exposed to the dark matter energies from the Speed Force.

They will also face new enemies in Central City in the form of Amunet Black (Blacksmith) and Clifford DeVoe (The Thinker).

Amunet Black runs a metahuman crime syndicate, and she will have ties with Killer Frost. Clifford DeVoe is the main antagonist this season, and he will manipulate certain events as part of his nefarious schemes.

Barry Allen will also get married to Iris West, but their wedding day will be interrupted by an invasion from Earth X.

The DC TV heroes will work together with The Ray and his Freedom Fighters to combat this threat, and save their world.