"90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" aired its final episode last Sunday. The couples have entertained fans all season as they try to build their futures together. Tim Malcolm and Jennifer Tarazona had some interesting moments during the season. The couple spent a lot of time together but did not get sexually intimate. Considering Tim’s mannerisms as a little bit feminine, fans began speculating about the 40-year-old’s sexuality. Some suggested that he was yet to make a move on Jennifer because he was gay. Others speculated that he was transgender.

Jennifer defends her boyfriend

Jennifer defended her boyfriend in the show’s Tell All episode. According to Yahoo, Jennifer said, "she knew Tim wasn't gay." The Colombian addressed the allegations bluntly, saying they were untrue. However, the reality star is partly responsible for fanning the rumors. She directly asked him if he was gay in a recent episode. She was also seen calling Tim weak throughout the season. However, Jennifer said that she appreciated how respectful Tim was, towards her, in their relationship. While she admitted that he was delicate, Jennifer said calling Tim weak was not a way of disrespecting him. The reality star revealed that Tim understood that she meant no harm. She likes the fact that her boyfriend pays attention to his appearance.

Asked if they have had sex, Tim said it was yet to happen. The two are still together and Tim has revealed that he is taking things slow. The 40-year-old is happy with the relationship and said he was planning to take Jennifer to the United States for a visit.

In an interview, before the final episode aired, Tim said that he was looking for true love. His major concern is building a good foundation with Jennifer. He is willing to wait before getting intimate if that’s what it takes.

More about Tim

Regarding his sexuality, Tim has strongly rejected the allegations that he is gay or transgender.

The 40-year-old acknowledged that fans were entitled to their opinions. He revealed that, during his time on the show, he has had to be mentally strong to block out the negativity. He highlighted society’s double standard toward sex. The reality star said that, if a woman declined sex, it was okay but if a man declined sex, society automatically assumes that something is wrong with him. The 40-year-old will continue to be himself and not be bothered by the critics. Tim proposed to Jennifer on the show, however, he used his ex-girlfriends promise ring which did not impress his girlfriend. The two reached a compromise after Tim agreed to get her a new ring. The couple ended the show on good terms and fans surely hope that the couple gets married soon. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, put your comment in the comment section.