Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" suggest that Nikki and Nicholas may be in on Nate Hastings helping Victor to fake his death. Nothing is being said about Abby, who is dating the doctor. If Ms. Newman is not aware that her father's death was a set up to trap Adam, she may be furious and kick her dad's personal physician to the curb. Doctor-patient confidentiality may not mean a thing as Abby would feel that Nate should have kept her in the loop. She is always saying she is left out of family issues or the last to find out, so this would be a big blow.

She would be angry that neither the man she is dating nor her father trusted her enough to fill her in.

Nate and Abby might be doomed

Abby Newman has had a hard time when it comes to dating men and is now going out with her father's personal physician. Several times on "The Young and the Restless" Ms. Newman has had issues with doctor-patient confidentiality and wanted Nate to give her pertinent information. Previews for Monday show Abby crying with the rest of her family after her father has been pronounced dead. Rumors for the CBS daytime drama suggest that in addition to Dr. Hastings, Nikki and Nick may also know that the Newman patriarch is not really dead.

Nate Hastings is bound by the law when it comes to revealing information about a patient.

His relationship with Abby is possibly a conflict of interest. This situation with Victor faking his death is going to take a toll on all loved ones who were kept out of the loop. On Friday, everyone gathered at the ranch after Dr. Hastings did blood work. He may have discussed the results with Victor privately, or with Nikki and discovered the high level of medication in his system.

If Abby does not know what is going on and other family members do, it will certainly doom her relationship with the doctor.

The next two weeks on 'The Young and the Restless'

Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt rumors indicate the next few weeks will be tense on "The Young and the Restless." Both Nicholas and Michael Baldwin are going to accuse Adam of being responsible for his father's death.

All of Genoa City will be mourning the most powerful man in town. Phyllis knows Adam switched his dad's medication, but she will downplay it and tell him that perhaps his actions had nothing to do with his father's death.

"Y&R" rumors say that Phyllis will become closer to Nick and perhaps she may learn what Adam did. It is possible that Nick will admit his father's death was faked. In the meantime, Nate will be giving Abby comfort and withholding from her the information that would ease her breaking heart. Be sure to keep watching the CBS daytime drama to find out how all of this turns out.