Rumors from Soap Dirt for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Jack will find a surprise when he gets to Pine Forrest Inn. Meanwhile back in Genoa City, Phyllis will save the day according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. The Jabot CEO left his son in charge and went out of town to find himself. He has no clue of the chaos that is waiting for him when he returns. He also has no idea that his ex-wife, who cheated with his brother Billy, will be the one to set things right and give the police evidence that will solve a crime. Jack Abbott may find himself a new love, while Phyllis may end up working for The Grand Phoenix after all.

Phyllis may have a fresh start in Genoa City

When Josh Griffith became the new "Y&R" head writer, he replaced Gina Tognoni and hired Michelle Stafford as Phyllis. Griffith promised viewers that Ms. Summers was going to rise from the ashes and be a force to be reckoned with. So far, everything Phyllis has attempted to do to improve her image has backfired in her face. Adam double-crossed her more than once and fired her from Dark Horse. Victor snitched on her which caused Abby and Chelsea to cut her from the Grand Hotel deal.

Now it looks like Phyllis may have a new beginning in Genoa City once she exposes Zoe has the culprit who put drugs in the drinks during the hotel grand opening. On Wednesday, Ms.

Summers lured Zoe to Chancellor Park and tricked her into confessing to putting Molly into the two pitchers of Grand Sangrias. Ms. Hardisty even told Phyllis what Kyle and Theo did to her in New York. Now Summer's mom is armed with the evidence that will lead to Zoe's arrest. The "Y&R" rumor mill suggests that Chelsea and Abby may be so thankful, that they cut the fiery redhead in on the hotel deal after all.

Jack may find love at Pine Forrest Inn

Jack took Victor's advise and left town to find himself. The "Y&R" rumor mill indicates that a surprise awaits him when he arrives at the Pine Forrest Inn. It is being suggested that he may even find a new love interest. Earlier rumors suggested that Celeste might be the next woman in Jack's life but that did not happen.

There is no clue of who Mr. Abbott will encounter while he is out of town, but when he returns home he will find much has changed. He is totally unaware of the chaos that is affecting his family and his father's legacy back in Port Charles.

On Wednesday's "Y&R" episode Kyle seemed unphased by the drugs in the drinks or the picture of Summer kissing him on the Internet. He implied to his ex-wife that everything would work out, so perhaps it will all be handled by the time Jack returns to Genoa City. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST to find out what happens next.