One of the most beloved families on "The Young and the Restless" has vanished from Genoa City. There is no longer any trace or mention of the Ashby's. When Chrystel went on recurring status, it affected everyone in her immediate television clan. Lily has not been seen since the reading of Neil's will. The twins, Mattie and Charlie, have been sent away to college and Cane has been off-camera ever since Tracie said they should only be friends. Baby Sam, who should be close to two years old now, has not been seen since he was an infant. Viewers of the CBS drama want to know what is next for Daniel Goddard's character.

Fans wonder what is going on with Cane

A few months back, "Y&R" actor Daniel Goddard posted a tweet about sometimes having to move on. Fans did not know if he was referring to leaving the CBS daytime drama or his character's wife filing for divorce. Daily Soap Dish recently pointed out that viewers have noticed that Cane Ashby has not been on screen since Traci turned down his offer of romance. Rumors are now circulating that this could be the end of a popular Genoa City family.

Since Lily is no longer in Genoa City, the writers seem to have decided to destroy her entire family. It was bad that Cane's son Sam has not been shown since shortly after his mother died two years ago. Charlie and Mattie seemed to be headed for teenage romance, but the sweethearts were written out of "The Young and the Restless." New head writer Josh Griffith has put the twins on recurring status and sent them away to college.

Now it looks as if their father is long gone as well.

Y&R may have given Cane and Billy the long goodbye

Soaps She Knows brings up the changes that have taken place with Billy Abbott and says that Jason Thompson may be leaving the show. Daniel Goddard's character has been treated in a similar manner, so fans wonder what is going on.

Billy is blacking out and doing crazy things like trying to run down Adam with his vehicle. He walks around with a scowl on his face, chewing gum, and now Kevin and Chloe have stashed him somewhere to keep him out of trouble. Likewise, Cane resigned from Chancellor Industries and sold his home and now he is nowhere to be seen,

Fans of "The Young and the Restless" are wondering if both of these popular actors are being written out of the CBS daytime drama.

Rumors suggest that Jason Thompson might be replaced by Billy Miller, who previously portrayed Billy Abbott. As for Cane, it looks like he has no place in Genoa City.. Without his job, wife, or children, the relationship with Traci is not panning out and things look grim. Stay tuned to find out if Crane and Billy have been given the long goodbye.