After months of waiting, Sony and Disney finally have come to an agreement and are welcoming back Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland even shared his reaction on social media. There are multiple explanations for how Spider-Man got back into the MCU. First, either side worked harder to finalize a deal for the love of fans. Or the studios found a deal to just get fans to stop complaining. Whatever they did, ended up working and now Tom Holland is back with the Avengers and the MCU family.

The two film giants put out a joint statement to the public.

It's been two months since news broke that Sony and Disney were breaking up in late August. Included in the statement was the confirmation of a third "Spider-Man" film that will be developed by Disney and Sony, and is scheduled for release in two years. Tom Holland was also confirmed he would return as Spider-Man in an additional MCU film.

'Spider-Man' stars share celebratory reactions on Twitter

"Spider-Man" cast offered their celebratory reactions on social media. Tom Holland definitely took the cake, with his reaction on Instagram. Before the deal was reached, he stayed quiet about the matter. Now it appears he has lightened up a bit. "Spider-Man" costar Zendaya took to Twitter showing her excitement.

The planned third "Spider-Man" film will be produced by Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and Sony's Amy Pascal. The news of Feige and Pascal producing comes after it was revealed that Feige would also be developing a "Star Wars" film.

This has caused fans to wonder whether Feige was really too busy to produce more "Spider-Man" films, because he was focused on his Star Wars project or if it was just a smokescreen. Feige has been known to balance multiple projects at any given time.

Sony and Disney finally reach a deal they can live with

The fine print of this new deal is nothing fans really need to be concerned with.

Whatever Sony and Marvel are doing behind closed doors, is their business. But it's good to know they've come to an agreement for the good of "Spider-Man" and the love of fans. Now it makes it less awkward to see Disney/Marvel promoting the superhero. It confused fans when Spider-Man took center stage at this year's D23 Expo.

As part of the original deal, Sony bought the rights to "Spider-Man" and hundreds of other Marvel characters and will continue to own them as long as they release a "Spider-Man" film every five years. In 2015, Sony reached a new deal, giving Marvel the ability to include the character in its Marvel Cinematic Universe films, while Sony retains distribution rights. What stalled negotiations was Disney wanting a 50/50 co-financing stake in upcoming "Spider-Man" films, which Sony rejected.