For the millions of “Today” viewers, it seems that Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Carson Daly have very little to be grumpy about. Al Roker hasn't been back stateside, for too long, since his 65th birthday celebration with family in Croatia. Craig Melvin is fresh off a second dream-come-true experience with his favorite musical group, Hootie & the Blowfish, joining in onstage to play tambourine. Carson Daly cultivated his whole career with a young vibe on MTV's “Total Request Live,” and now has a lot more time to devote to his children with his wife, Siri Pinter, since he only works day hours on “Today” after leaving “Last Call.”

While the ladies are away from the third-hour of “Today,” as they were on September 10, the all-male panel left on the morning show drifted into “old man” territory as they reviewed social media hashtags, and the results were humorous and personal, especially for the 40-something -year-olds.

The years are creeping up

Craig Melvin has always considered Al Roker to be a mentor, so it's not surprising that Craig caught the survey bug that Roker usually grabs for a topic of conversation. Melvin posed the question of when someone knows that they are getting old, noting a trending hashtag of #YouKnowYoureGrownUpWhen. Carson Daly was the first to quip that “You’re old when you're on a CPAP machine.”

Most responses were not quite so life-altering. Melvin owned up to “getting excited about buying socks,” raising his hand. Al Roker admitted to being peeved when the layout of his favorite grocery store gets changed. The veteran broadcaster confessed that “I hear my dad” coming from his mouth anytime he's talking to his children in the car, protesting “You call that music!” Craig Melvin concedes that he is the light patrol officer at home, always annoyed if lights are left on, and frequently upset over the utility bill.

“I feel like everyone's trying to take my money,” expressed the father of two who is hardly working for minimum wage, but does work many shifts between NBC and MSNBC. Both Roker and Melvin chuckled at Carson Daly's indicator for old age. His marker for the moment was pulling “my first gray hair out of my nose.” Daly also has something in common with Al Roker after becoming a dad-- he always feels as though cars are “tailing me too close” on the highway.

Nobody can blame a parent for wanting to protect his or her most precious cargo, but Hoda Kotb divulged another personal secret about Craig Melvin that the world certainly didn't know until now.

Sneaking in an ear-cleaning

Hoda Kotb and her guest host, Meredith Vieira, happened to be discussing an expert’s advice on whether to comment on unusual table etiquette in public, such as dental flossing. For the most part, the expert sided with Vieira, saying that a suggestion can be offered in private, but should never be openly discussed on-site then and there.

Kotb couldn't resist coming forth in her open and honest way about her good friend, Craig Melvin. The “Today” morning anchor related how Craig always twirls a Q-tip from his ear in the makeup chair every morning. He carries on a completely polite conversation while moving the appliance from one ear to the other. “It kinda bothers me,” admitted Hoda Kotb, so beloved for her positivity.

Craig clearly views the habit as good hygiene, despite Meredith cautioning that doctors warn about using Q-tips in the ears.

Neither quirky habits nor nearing the senior phases of life should get in the way of the true friendships on “Today” that keep fans watching.