On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Theo and Summer were sitting in Chancellor Park talking. When she received a text from her ex-husband, Mr. Vanderway told her that Kyle had never really gotten over her. Summer insisted they were just friends and Theo shrugged his shoulders. Later in the Jabot office, "Skyle" had a moment together. The two have been working with each other and their former chemistry may begin to reappear. The rumor mill indicates that on Thursday, Jack's son will see his former wife in a whole new light. It looks like the Kola honeymoon is over and Lola is headed for heartbreak.

Kyle and Summer are getting closer

Soap Hub reveals that there will be a lot of tension this week as the Newman family deal with Victor's death and Victoria's arrest. Summer has been taking her grandfather's demise harder than the rest of the family and on Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless." received comfort from her boss. Jack had a heart to heart with his son and told him to reach out and show some compassion to his ex-wife. This is when Summer received the text and Theo said her former spouse was not completely over her.

Until now, Mr. Vanderway had been hanging out with Summer and never mentioned how she and her former husband felt about each other. Kyle and Lola had been blissfully happy and things were working out between them all until Zoe spiked the drinks at the Grand Hotel.

Summer kissed Kyle and later in his office, he downplayed it all and gave his first wife a hug. He even added with a smile, that had he taken a drink, there is no telling what he might have done, implying that he could have been the one to initiate the kiss. "Y&R" rumors suggest that the new CBS vice president of daytime may be a "Skyle" fan and put the couple back together.

At any rate, they are growing closer to each other.

Summer's maturity wins Kyle over

"Y&R" rumors from Soaps She Knows, say that on Thursday, Kyle will see a different side of the woman he used to be married to. Rumors don't elaborate but, Jack's son has already seen the worst of his ex-wife when she slept with her uncle, who was wed to her mother at the time.

He knows all of her scheming ways, so this time he will probably notice a softer side to Summer.

A number of "Y&R" viewers thought that once Skyle consummated their marriage, Kyle would realize how much he loved Summer. It was looking like he would break Lola's heart and stick with his wife. Instead, the writers had him devastate Summer by breaking her heart.