Cote de Pablo has shocked fans and returned to "NCIS" as Ziva David in the season 17 premiere. However, it's been rumored that her return might be short-lived. Ziva was last seen in the season 16 finale after everyone believes she was killed in season 13. The premiere should be answering fans questions about what she has been doing since faking her death, but there are some fans that "NCIS" will kill her off shortly after her return.

Ziva's surprise return to 'NCIS' shocked cast, crew and fans

Following Ziva's surprise return last season, fans believed she would only be there for a few episodes in season 17.

However, executive producer Frank Cardea announced earlier this year that de Pablo will reprise her role for four episodes this season.

Ziva will first appear in the premiere and second episode, as well as two more episodes later in the season. Ziva's surprise return was in order to warn Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) about a threat that even has Ziva scared. The main reason Ziva faked her death was to protect her daughter, Tali. Resurfacing puts Tali in the crosshairs, so the threat has to be serious enough to warrant such action. If the threat is dangerous enough to risk her family's life, is there a chance that "NCIS" will kill off Ziva before the season finale.

Ziva David could potentially be killed off in the midseason finale

Cardea's comments have sparked rumors about Ziva's fate. Ziva's return means she could come back in time for the midseason finale. If this is how the show goes, there is the possibility that the threat shows up again this winter. This could allow Ziva to return and make her final exit from "NCIS" in dramatic fashion.

"NCIS" executive producer Steve Binder teased the Express that all of Ziva's cameos are connected to each other, but their importance will not be made clear right away. Binder also said that Ziva's story will have closure this season, which leaves the door open to many possibilities. 'NCIS' has already killed off Ziva before, so it could happen again.

Hopefully, that doesn't happen again, so we could see Ziva reunite with her daughter and Tony (Michael Weatherly). This could be a perfect ending, while also leaving the door open for a return in the future.

What does the future hold for Ziva and Gibbs?

Now that Ziva is out of hiding, fans can't wait until she reunites with Gibbs, Torres, Bishop, and McGee. Right now only Gibbs and Bishop know that Ziva is alive. The studio has released many promo photos for the new season, including some that show Ziva alongside McGee and Torres. In the trailer, McGee, Torres, and Jack are searching for Gibbs, who has gone missing. While "NCIS" is looking for their leader, Gibbs and Ziva are on the hunt for the woman who is behind the threat: a woman named Sahara.