When Hope Calls” is hoping to call, to the hearts of fans, as deeply as its drama of inspiration, “When Calls the Heart” has. Friday, August 30, is the debut date for the Hallmark Channel’s first exclusively streaming series on Hallmark Movies Now. The leading ladies of “When Hope Calls,” Jocelyn Hudon and Morgan Kohan, became familiar to “When Calls the Heart” viewers in last season’s Christmas movie feature, “When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing.” Hudon’s character, Grace Bennett and her sister, Lillian Walsh, were welcomed by Hope Valley when their wagon when broke and the community welcomed the determined siblings and the children bound for the orphanage they were opening in Brookfield.

It's a tall order for any series, much less a streaming one, to follow along in the path of one like “When Calls the Heart,” which has become a phenomenon far beyond imagining. The drama has become the heart of the Hallmark networks, and it's clear that “When Hope Calls” strives only to amplify the values of community, faith, friendship, and family in a common bond.

Jocelyn Hudon and Morgan Kohan were filled with exuberance when they visited “Home & Family,” on August 23, sharing what makes “When Hope Calls” special. Kevin McGarry, who stars as Mountie Nathan Grant on “When Calls the Heart,” introduced “Hearties” to a new Mountie in Brookfield in a new video preview. There's no shortage of handsomeness or heartfelt themes in this new television locale.

Sisters by blood, finding new bonds

Despite being sisters by blood relation, Grace and Lillian are strangers in many ways. Lillian was blessed to be adopted relatively soon after the sisters were orphaned, while Grace remained “in the system.” They travel to Brookfield to found the New Hope Orphanage in the home where Lillian grew up.

Each sister brings a unique perspective and totally devoted heart to seeking new lives for children.

Grace understands that compassion and empathy are crucial components for overcoming “institutionalism,” whereas Lillian knows the impact of a successful, life-changing adoption. Simultaneously, each sibling discovers the more of the other on a day-to-day basis, along with caring for their children.

Just as the children, who portray Elizabeth Thornton’s students on “When Calls the Heart,” are integral to the storylines, children are even more central in “When Hope Calls.” Both leading ladies have become totally smitten with their young castmates, ages 6 to 14. They even describe having secret handshakes with each one. As if the strength and determination of the two sisters and their children weren't enough to send the cuteness factor into overdrive, animals feature prominently in the new series. One of the leading characters is a veterinarian, Chuck Stewart, who catches the eye of Grace, but has to overcome some family issues involving mistreatment to her sister.

Another dashing Mountie has to protect the citizens of Brookfield, who have not yet attained telephone service but do have a single automobile.

Ryan-James “RJ” Hatanaka stars as Mountie Gabriel Kinslow on “When Hope Calls.” The young Mountie is soon committed to a case of solving the start of a hotel fire, and he finds Lillian alluring, too, even though professional duties come first for both of these potential lovebirds. In the character of Janette Oke romances, this one will come slow and sweet.

Gabriel Kinslow can only hope to have a genuine wooden desk and an office like Nathan Grant’s, but in one way, Brookfield has a unique strength. The town leader is Tess Stewart, played by Wendy Crewson. The no-nonsense ranch woman has “no time for silliness,” as she comments in the video, but what the actress loves most about her series is the way people put aside differences to help one another.

When Calls the Heart” faithful are bound to feel right at home in this Northwest Territory community.

Familiar hearts, talents, and faces

Pascale Hutton, who portrays the truly unsinkable and spirited Rosemary Coulter on “When Calls the Heart” is delighted to be part of those who “carry the torch” lit by the original series into another. “They care about the world that was created on ‘When Calls the Heart,’” Hutton reflects. Rosemary and her husband, lumber mill owner, Lee (Kavan Smith), rush to provide lumber, love and moral support in rebuilding after the hotel fire.

When it comes to lending support in the most serious times, Rosemary Coulter doesn't wait to be called upon-- she steps in and gets things done.

The same generosity of spirit and talents seems to be at work for the success of “When Hope Calls,” and fans are sure to agree.

Since a free trial is offered For Hallmark Movies Now, it would be good timing to wait a bit and see more episodes of the new series before enrolling for a full subscription. “When Hope Calls” is sure to gather steam and subscribers as time goes on.