Mike and Yvonne have not been seen, on "General Hospital," since the Nurses Ball when the ring mix up was resolved. Finding love at any age is romantic but there is a glitch to this duo getting hitched. Yvonne is already married to Marcus, whom she is forgetting because of her dementia. This week, Stella will help her former sweetheart deal with his emotions over his wife forgetting him. For the sake of her peace, during her days remaining, Yvonne's legal husband will agree to the fake wedding with Mike. Sonny and Carly understand the grief that Stella's ex is dealing with but they are elated that Mike is able to share his last days with his best girl.

Mike marries his best girl

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that there is about to be a wedding in Port Charles, but it will not be the usual pomp and circumstance. These nuptials will, most likely, take place in the memory care facility where the betrothed couple currently resides. Mike and Yvonne's memories of their past lives and family members are fading, but they have fallen in love with each other. Mr. Godfrey endured a painful experience when his wife said she did not remember him. It has been difficult for him to let Yvonne go but, with Stella's help and a better understanding of Alzheimer's disease, he is slowly letting go. "General Hospital" spoilers have not indicated where this storyline is heading but, in real-time, the disease takes over and eventually death occurs.

Soap Dirt says there is no word yet on whether Marcus will attend the ceremony, but with Stella by his side, he could make it through the ordeal. "GH" rumors have also not indicated whether or not Mr. Godfrey might reunite with his former sweetheart. It's possible that, down the road, he and Stella could pick up where they once left off.

Viewers seem to be enjoying Max Gail and Janet Hubert as a couple, but because their characters are dealing with a disease that will eventually be fatal, their storylines are limited. Even so, fans will enjoy watching Mike say I do to his best girl Yvonne.

Mike and Yvonne's nuptials won't be legal

Yvonne Godfrey's spouse is alive and well, which makes her nuptials to Mike Corbin null and void.

At some point, Marcus could decide to divorce his wife and she and Mike could make their marriage legal. For now, however, it will be all that Stella's ex can do to accept the phony vows that are about to take place. "General Hospital" rumors have not indicated who will perform the ceremony but, on Monday, Mike mistook his son for the reverend. Sonny, Stella, and Carly were working hard to get everything ready.

Be on the lookout for updates related to the fate of Mike and Yvonne, as well as Marcus and Stella. If Mr. Godfrey can bring himself to free his wife from their union, there may be another wedding in the future. Stella Henry could join in holy wedlock with the man she turned down decades ago. Make sure you don't miss the wedding by watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon. You can catch all the Port Charles action, by tuning in to ABC at 2:00 PM EST.