On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Brooke was stunned when Hope agreed with Ridge and said Thomas was not a threat to her. Viewers know that the Forrester heir was begging his wife to come back to him and only apologizing to have his way. He was angry about the annulment and Liam having a place in Hope's lofe once again. Ms. is feeling guilty and now looking at things differently. She admitted that her mother did see her spouse's hands on her, but insists she was in no danger. Ridge is angry and Brooke confused but Liam still considers Thomas dangerous.

He will say this to Hope and later to Ridge and Taylor's unconscious son.

Hope and Ridge are clouded by emotion

On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Ridge Forrester and his stepdaughter are both viewing Thomas through rose-colored lenses. Brooke and Liam, however, are seeing things more clearly and that is where the problem comes in. On Wednesday as Brooke insisted she believed her daughter was in danger, Hope actually sided with Ridge and said that Thomas was trying to apologize and her mother misinterpreted the situation. Hope said she understood how it may have looked as if her former spouse was trying to hurt her, but she insisted that he was not.

This pleased Ridge who is in denial about his son, while wanting everyone else involved in the baby swap to be prosecuted.

Brooke is clearly confused because she knows her stepson lied, manipulated her daughter and sent Emma to her death. Hope and her stepdad are clouded by emotions and each has their own reasons to feel guilty where Thomas is concerned. Liam, however, is seeing the truth and "B&B" rumors indicate that on Thursday he will act on what he believes.

Liam stands his ground Brooke is confused

Soap Dirt says that Liam will stand his ground and insist to Hope that Thomas deserved what he got. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that on Thursday Liam will be enraged that Thomas is still manipulating everyone, even while in a coma. Ridge is going to find Bil Spencer's son in the hospital room speaking his mind to Thomas.

Ridge will be shocked that the father of his granddaughter Kelly could be so self-centered at such a time."B&B" rumors report that the Logan, Spencer, and Forrester families will be divided when it comes to the fate of Douglas's dad.

Brooke knows all that led up to the situation at the cliff house and will be confused on all that took place. Liam assured her on Wednesday that there is no way Ridge believes she pushed his son over the cliff on purpose. Now that Hope has admitted that Thomas posed no threat, things look bad for her mother. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST to find out what happens next.