'Y&R': Wednesday and Thursday, Ridge will continue to be in denial of how unstable his son really is. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that on Tuesday the dressmaker will have doubts about his wife's version of what happened at the cliff house. Promos indicate on Wednesday, he will continue to insinuate that Brooke pushed his child over the cliff on purpose. On Thursday he will find Liam standing over the hospital bed of a comatose Thomas, berating him for all the damage he has done. Ridge will be infuriated and lash out at Bill Spencer's son for attacking Terrible Tom while he lies helpless.

Ridge continues to be in denial on 'B&B'

On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and in a repeat on Monday, Ridge showed up at the cliff house just in time to see a horrible situation unfold. He saw his son standing between his wife and stepdaughter at the edge of the embankment, an watched helplessly as Brooke shoved Thomas and he fell over the edge. All this week, Eric's son will continue to be in denial about Thomas, and lash out at everyone else rather than face an ugly truth.

Brooke stepped between her daughter and stepson but Thomas made a move towards Hope and Brooke pushed him. It was not malicious and neither was it a really hard shove, yet the Forrester heir went tumbling over to the beach below.

He is now in the hospital and on Monday's "B&B" episode his father did not seem to believe it was an accident. He mentioned to Brooke that her recent comments indicated that she thought Thomas to be a monster. Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors indicate that on Tuesday, Ridge's suspicion will grow that his wife hurt his son on purpose.

The denial continues on 'B&B' Wednesday and Thursday

A promo for Wednesday's "B&B" episode indicates that Ridge will become more hostile towards his spouse. He will continue to point out that she did not want his son to marry her daughter, and has had nothing but bad things to say about Douglas' dad. Brooke will try to be very careful with her answers, but she cannot take back the words she has already said.

The Thursday promo and Soap Dirt both reveal that Liam is going into Thomas Forrester's hospital room and will give the comatose man a tongue lashing about how he has hurt so many people.

Ridge will come in and be outraged at Liam's behavior, considering that his son is fighting for his life. Ridge is very defensive because Steffy has lost her baby and seemingly her baby daddy. He believes his wife purposely sent his son over the cliff. Now Liam has the audacity to be attacking his defenseless son. At some point, Detective Sanchez will investigate and he will surely notice that "Bridge" disagrees on what happened on the cliff, the same way their answers regarding Thomas and Emma's death were in opposition. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.