On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Victor called Nikki, Abby, Nick, and Victoria to a meeting in his office. With regret in his voice, he warned his loved ones that they should be on guard against Adam. The family patriarch told his wife and children that his youngest son was probably plotting something dirty and they should be on the lookout. Those words were immediately prophetic, as Hope's son walked in, uninvited, on the gathering and dropped a bombshell. He presented Nicholas with papers verifying that he would no longer seek custody of Christian and Victor asked him what the catch was.

Adam announced that, from now on, his focus would on destroying the myth of the happy, powerful Newman family and reveal all their deep dark secrets.

Victor takes Adam's threats seriously

After Adam left the office, Victor said it broke his heart to see what has happened to his son since the explosion. He reiterated that they must all be on guard because his namesake was not finished. When Josh Griffith took over as head writer, he said that "The Young and the Restless" would get back to focusing on the core families and he is keeping his promise, in spades. The Newmans are dealing with Victor's health crisis, threats from Adam and the issue of Conner, and Christian's custody being in jeopardy.

For the head of the family to be concerned and take the threats seriously speaks volumes.

When everyone was gone, Nikki told her spouse that she was concerned about his health but he told her he was fine. Victor may want to take heed and listen to his wife's words of concern. "Y&R" rumors from Soap Dirt suggest that Adam is going to push his father to the point of collapse.

This will no doubt be, at least in part, because of his unholy alliance with Phyllis. After leaving the Newman offices Adam found Phyllis outside his apartment and once they went inside each devil made a pact with the other.

Phyllis and Adam against five Newmans

Phyllis asked Adam what his end game was and he said it was to destroy the myth of the great Newman family.

She points out that it is five against one. He asks her to join him and she agrees. He gets two glasses, pours the champagne, and says they should toast to their mutual animosity. Even though Adam is the one who initially kicked her out of the deal for the Grand Phoenix Hotel, Ms. Summers is blaming Victor, Abby, and Chelsea. Last week on "Y&R," Adam's dad overheard Phyllis tell him that she was going to take control of the hotel, from Abby, and then he promptly warned his baby girl.

Abby, in turn, asked Chelsea to join her venture and kicked Phyllis to the curb. Now the fiery redhead is filled with wrath and the need for revenge. Although Victor, Nick, Victoria, Nikki, and Abby are greater in number, Adam and Phyllis are united as one.

They can play on the weaknesses of the other five and come at them in so many different ways they will not know what hit them. The Newmans are united, in spirit, but each is going in their own separate direction. Phadam is joined at the hip, so "Y&R" fans should be prepared for a powerful duo.