Billy Miller's exit from "General Hospital" was so abrupt and lackluster that Soap Dirt suggests the possibility the character may be seen at least once more. The rumor brings up the possibility that Andrew Cane could be seen dead, after his plane crashes, or perhaps he may be taken into captivity. There has been no confirmation, one way or the other, so those who watch the ABC daytime drama are left with the memory of Drew getting into the elevator until something more conclusive is made known. There are a number of rumors surrounding this veteran actor and fans want to know what the truth is and what is fiction.

Billy Miller rumors abound

"General Hospital" viewers were shocked when it was first announced that Billy Miller was leaving the show. Fans did not know if he walked away or was fired, but Kelly Monaco's tweet suggested the latter. Miller's former, on-screen wife implied that somehow things were not right with his character's exit and said she would give more information at a later date. As devotees of the ABC daytime drama were waiting on Monaco's update, Soap Dirt reported that the man who portrayed Andrew Cane did not renew his contract over a storyline dispute. The rumor insists this came from a reliable set insider.

The rumor mill says Miller didn't want Drew to have his past memories restored, so he opted not to remain on "General Hospital." Now, Soap Dirt suggests the elevator scene may not be the last time viewers get a glimpse of Andrew Cane.

There have also been rumblings that perhaps Miller would reprise his role as Billy Abbott on "The Young and the Restless." This came about after Elizabeth Hendrickson left "Y&R" for "GH" and then returned, along with Michelle Stafford reprising her role as Phyllis on the CBS soap. It also has been suggested that Jason Thompson might come back to "GH" if Miller took over his character, in Genoa City.

Billy Miller exit's but Drew's memories remain

"General Hospital" viewers were stunned when Dr. Cabot implanted Andrew Cane's memories into Franco instead of Drew. If Soap Dirt rumors are accurate and Billy Miller walked away from his character, then this may have been the only way for the show to bring closure to this storyline.

It's certainly possible that Drew may surface in Afghanistan and his fans could get a last glimpse at him but, don't count on it.

"General Hospital" has made no official statement regarding the exit of Billy Miller, so there is no way to know for certain if Drew will be missing, die, if the role will be recast, or if Miller will return to Port Charles one day. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update this storyline and continue watching the ABC daytime drama each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST. Whatever takes place with Miller, Andrew Cane's memories will linger.