A few weeks ago, Kelly Monaco's tweet about co-star Billy Miller raised eyebrows among "General Hospital" fans. The actress seemed to imply that her former on-screen husband may have been fired. She promised more information would come forth but to date, she has remained silent. Kin Shriner, however, has decided to speak out on the exit of his popular castmate. Shriner tweeted "Good luck to Billy Miller, had the great pleasure in sharing some scenes with him." This is noteworthy because other daytime drama stars who also worked with Miller have not said a word.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests this may be because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

Kin Shriner and Kelly Monaco raise questions

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Kin Shriner wishing Billy Miller well brings to light the fact that other co-stars have not done the same. The spoilers implied the message seems to be that perhaps Miller was fired and his castmates are afraid to speak out, lest the same happen to them. Kelly Monaco, however, was not afraid to voice her opinion and she now has fans waiting on her update. Her tweet is what got the ball rolling regarding the reason Miller is no longer portraying Andrew Cane.

Viewers probably have their wheels spinning trying to figure this mystery out. What is known, however, is that ever since Steve Burton returned to "General Hospital" the material given to Billy Miller, has been lackluster. He has remained in front burner storylines but the plots surrounding his character have been pretty bizarre.

First, he is Jason's twin who had plastic surgery and his memories erased. Next, he is the childhood friend of Franco, who saved him from being molested. Finally, his baby mama Kim comes to town with a teenage son he never knew about, and Oscar dies a year later.

Billy Miller will be missed on GH

"General Hospital" viewers will miss Andrew Cane and are hoping the issues of his past are cleared up before Billy Miller's final scenes.

The actor probably will not say anything about why he left the ABC daytime drama, just as Gina Tognoni has not addressed her feelings about being fired from "The Young and the Restless." When Steve Burton first returned to Port Charles, Kelly Monaco said her preference would be for her character Sam to remain with Miller's version of Jason. If her castmate was indeed let go, the actress speaking out could get her the same fate, or she may quit out of frustration.

Soap Dirt says that the mystery man who helped Helena capture Drew will soon be revealed and on Tuesday Shiloh implied it was Peter August. Some great scenes are coming up before Billy Miller's departure so be sure to stay tuned. CDL says that Kin Shriner wishing his castmate well shows him as an upstanding guy and the spoiler questions why others on "General Hospital" have not done the same. Be on the lookout for spoiler updates on this situation and