Jason and Sam have not been spending a lot of quality romantic time with each other, but "General Hospital" seems to be hiding this popular couple in plain sight. The duo has been involved with Sonny and Carly renewing their wedding vows, the Franco memory mapping fiasco, and are involved in the periphery of other character's situations in Port Charles. Even so, their love burns bright and a recent glance, exchanged between them just after Bobbie Spencer caught her daughter's bouquet, seemed to hint at a more permanent future for JaSam. Things could be derailed, however, when the news arrives that Scout's dad and Jason's twin have disappeared.

Jason and Sam are evolving

Recently, on "General Hospital," JaSam seemed to be evolving and softening towards those for whom they have held grudges. Last week Sam agreed to spend time with her dad before Julian left Port Charles with Kim. Jason was able to have a civil conversation with Franco, who now has the past memories of Andrew Cane. Jason and Drew, who had been estranged, have mended fences and are working together on a playground in Oscar's garden, as the teen had requested in his will.

"General Hospital" has not had the couple involved in a lot of steamy love scenes but, instead, they have been moral support for family and friends. JaSam has been keeping up with Shiloh, who had been imprisoned in Pentonville.

However, Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors suggest that the former cult leader has big plans for Sam and Kristina, very soon. The duo has also been trying to figure what will happen where Franco and Drew are concerned.

'GH' going slow with Sam and Jason

It's been close to three years since Patient 6 showed up on "General Hospital" and, later, there was a question about who the real Jason Morgan was.

During this time, the couple remained apart for a while, got back together, then pretended to break up. Now JaSam seems solid but, as far as remarrying, they are taking their time. After Carly and Sonny renewed their vows for the umpteenth time, Kristin whispered to the stepmom to make sure to aim the bouquet at Sam. Carly said she had it covered but her mother ended up catching the flowers, instead.

Immediately after Bobbie had the bouquet in her hands, Sam looked over at Jason, smiled, and winked. It was as if she were confirming that they would be next to walk down the aisle together. "General Hospital" spoilers and rumors have given, in detail, regarding the future of JaSam but, soon, Drew will be declared missing and this will be devastating to them both. Sam will have to tell Scout and Soap Dirt rumor has it that Jason will break the news to Monica who will begin to latch on to Franco. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and rumors related to what happens next in Port Charles.