Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Victor has had enough of his youngest son and now regrets bringing him to Genoa City. On Friday, Chelsea allowed Connor to visit with, and then spend the night with, his dad. There was a glimmer of hope as father and son bonded, but previews for Monday show that the prodigal son will have reason to remain as evil as ever. Adam will go to Victor's office and yell at him for issuing a restraining order. Soap Hub indicates that the Newman patriarch wants to keep Adam away from Nick. Obtaining a court order will make it look as if Connor and Christian's father is the problem even though his sibling punched him in the face.

Things are about to become very tense within the Newman family.

'Y&R' intensifies Newman/Abbot drama

The new "Y&R" writing team is keeping their promise of intensifying the chaos within the Abbott and Newman families. Friday's episode was all about Kyle and Lola's wedding and Soap Dirt says there will be a lot of surprises next week related to the happy couple. The upcoming nuptials, however, will not stop Victor and his loved ones from moving forward with their plans. On Friday, Abby and Summer got into a fight during the bachelor/bachelorette party and Jack spoke to both women about their actions.

Also, on Friday, Victoria said that spending time with Connor might keep Adam from focusing on Christian.

Nick replied that he was thinking quite the opposite. He believes their brother may decide to seek full custody of both sons. Soap Hub indicates that Victor is regretting his decision to bring his youngest son home, and has decided to support Nick regarding Christian's custody. Earlier "Y&R" spoilers said the Newman patriarch would use his influence and connections to ensure that Nicholas gains custody of Christian, so things are heating up.

Victor is no respecter of his sons

Adam will be livid that his father is trying to keep him from his son and feel as if Nick is favored. The truth is that when it comes to exerting his authority over his children, Victor is no respecter of persons. Adam was not in Genoa City when his father stole all of his brother's money out of the bank and almost caused him to be financially ruined.

Nicholas has incurred more of his father's wrath because he has had to deal with him longer. At one point Victor took Christian away from Nick, so Adam should expect no less than worse treatment from his dad.

Be sure not to miss Monday's exciting episode of "The Young and the Restless." The situation between Victor and Adam is sure to become very tense. Spoilers don't say how this will all work itself out but Nick is concerned and Chelsea believes she could lose Connor to his father. Victor's actions could work out the way he wants, or they could completely backfire, so stay tuned.