For weeks, rumors for "The Bold and the Beautiful" have been teasing that a tragedy will unfold at the cliff house. It's been insinuated that Thomas might hurt someone, or that Liam might push Hope's husband over the cliff during an altercation. Last week the rumor was that Brooke would rush to the cliff house but be too late. The implication was that Steffy's brother might die. Now, Celeb Dirty Laundry is indicating that Thomas will be in a coma, fighting for his life and that his stepmother will be the reason why. Rumors also indicate that Ridge and his daughter will be playing the blame game and in denial of what Thomas has done.

Friday cliffhanger coming on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

For several weeks, various "B&B" rumors have teased, hinted, and suggested that a tragedy will unfold at the cliff house involving Thomas. Now, Celeb Dirty Laundry is revealing that Brooke will take matters into her own hands and bring harm to her husband's son. The action will take place by the end of the week and more than likely leave viewers with a Friday cliffhanger. Thomas is off the rails and intent on keeping Hope from Liam. He will confront one or both of them at the cliff house and this is where the drama unfolds.

On Tuesday Detective Sanchez began questioning Ridge about his son and Emma's death. Previous "B&B" rumors say that Thomas Forrester's father will try to downplay his son's actions but Brooke will tell all that she knows.

It's not clear why, but Ridge and his wife will separately head to the cliff house and this is where the tragedy will take place. Perhaps Brooke sees her stepson manhandling her daughter and her mama bear instinct kicks in. Whatever takes place, Thomas will end up in the hospital fighting for his life.

Thomas could possibly die

Soap Dirt says that Thomas will scare his friend Vinny because he is pacing back and forth like a caged animal. He will make a phone call to his wife, which leaves Liam extremely worried. The rumor says that, by Friday, the Forrester heir will have initiated a life and death situation. The most likely scenario is that Thomas will be pushed, or fall, off of the cliff and be seriously injured.

"B&B" rumors from CDL say he will be comatose in the hospital, fighting for his life. He will eventually regain consciousness but it's not certain if he will recover.

If Thomas does not die, he will be apprehended by Detective Sanchez for Emma's murder. Flo, Zoe, and Xander have all stated that he told them if they did not keep quiet they would end up like Ms. Barber. There is video footage at Forrester Creations that shows Ridge's son leaving the parking lot just after Justin's niece drove off and the GPS in Thomas's vehicle places him at the scene of the accident. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" and make sure you don't miss the upcoming Friday cliffhanger.