Marvel Studios made a big splash at San Diego Comic-Con when they announced that they would be rebooting 'Blade,' with 'Luke Cage' actor Mahershala Ali to star. Moviegoers were first introduced to 'Blade' in 1998 when Wesley Snipes took on the role as the vampire hunter. Snipes returned in 2002 and 2004. Six years ago Marvel bought back the rights to "Blade," along with "Ghost Rider" and the "Punisher."

'Blade' is part of Marvel's Phase 4

No additional details are known about "Blade," including when or where we will be able to see Blade in action.

He could end up on the big screen or be part of Disney+ original content. There are plenty of places for "Blade" to return that will draw in the fans.

For those who don't know the full story, Blade, better known as Eric Brooks is half man and half-vampire. He was first introduced in comics in 1973. Ali has already made himself known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Cornell Stokes in "Luke Cage." Feige did not say whether they will explain the two character situation with one actor. Ali also was the voice for Miles Morales' Uncle Aaron in "Into the Spider-Verse."

Marvel Studios announced Mahershala Ali as Blade

Ali himself broke the news as he walked onto the stage in Hall H at Comic-Con. He put on a "Blade" baseball cap, needing no explanation.

Feige happened to be the producer on "Blade Trinity." While many see the "X-Men" film from 2000 as the introduction to the comic book movie revolution, the 1998 'Blade' trilogy played a key part, not just because it starred one of the first black superheroes in a major film.

Kevin Feige previously said that 'Doctor Strange,' opened the door to the possibility of expanding on the supernatural within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Blade" was created by Marv Wolfman and sketched by Gene Colan. The 'Blade' reboot is part of Marvel Studios' new Phase 4 lineup, following the conclusion of the "Infinity Saga." Ali is best known for his Oscar-winning performance in "Moonlight" as well as his excellent work in "Green Book." He also starred in "True Detective," and "Alita: Battle Angel."

This surprise announcement by Marvel Studios puts to rest Wesley Snipes attempts at bringing the character back to life.

Snipes had previously met with Marvel with the hopes of bringing back his iconic character. Snipes spoke to Vice saying he was excited to see that there was still interest in bringing back the vampire hunter. We will now have to wait and see what shape this story will take, and whether it will be part of Disney+, Hulu, or a Marvel Studios blockbuster film. 'Blade' reboot signals that Marvel will probably be developing a line of rated-R Movies, depending on what angle they take with this character.