"General Hospital" has Obrecht holding the key that will unlock truth for two families in Port Charles. Liesl knows that Wiley does not belong to Shiloh and Willow and she also is aware that Sasha is not her niece’s biological daughter. Rumors say the doc will reveal a secret to Nina this week, only it’s not the one that really matters. When the demented doctor was drunk she hinted to Franco about Wiley’s birth father but did not say enough to make her friend understand. She will now mention the baby swap to Nina, but her niece may not immediately put all the pieces together.

This could be a prelude to the truth about Sasha and Willow finally being revealed.

Obrecht reveals the truth to Nina

"General Hospital" viewers braced themselves last week for Obrecht to reveal the truth about Wiley. What happened, however, was that Liesl revealed just enough to get her friend interested in what she said. Franco and Liz are now trying to figure it out but are nowhere close to what really happens: For this reason, fans of the ABC daytime drama should take it with a grain of salt. Soaps She Knows is reporting that Obrecht will tell Nina the Wiley secret. This particular rumor says they get their information comes straight from the studio, but leaks can be misleading.

It’s possible that the source who leaked the "GH" rumor implied that Obrecht would tell her niece the truth.

It’s interesting that she would tell Nina about Wiley and remain silent about Sasha being a fraud, Liesl is sober now and recovering from being pushed overboard the Haunted star. If she’s having a moment of guilt, it seems she would tell anima about her own daughter. Perhaps she’s revealing the Wiley truth in a while or in part to prepare her niece for what is to come.

At some point, and no one knows when both situations will come to light and cause much pain.

GH utilizing Obrecht once more

Fans of Dr. Obrecht are excited to see her on-screen again, but the secrets she knows may alienate her from loved ones yet again. Nelle and Brad know the entire Wiley story and Julian is aware of most of it.

Only Sasha and Valentin are privy to the fact that they are scamming Nina. Dr. O is in the middle of both deceptions and will probably pay dearly for her silence. "General Hospital" has not given a timeline for revealing the truth about either storyline, but showcasing Liesl at this time could indicate that facts about both are about to come to light.

"General Hospital" rumors from Soap Dirt indicate that the writers have been vague regarding the fate of Dante. At this point, much is being left to viewer interpretation and it appears they are doing the same with Liesl’s two secrets.