"General Hospitalrumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry recently indicated that previews for Monday’s episode had a man whose face could not be seen. He was presumed to be Dante.

This individual was supposed to shoot himself. Perhaps this scenario is for a future episode because, on Monday, Lulu’s husband is believed to have shot Peter. Maxie is devastated and thinks he’s its all her fault because she would not listen to him hose who tried to stop her. Now Peter is in the hospital, and Lulu is about to hear what her best friend has been up to. These are vents will probably lead to closure for Lante even as it brings heartache.

Dante is mentally unstable

“General Hospital” rumors have viewers expecting an emotionally challenged Dante to commit suicide, but that’s not what took place. Maxie gained access by o the Ithaca, NY facility where her best friend’s husband is being treated for PTSD and also being deprogrammed. Peter accompanied her, but when he hey attempted to speak to the former police detective, he refused/ Never one to take no for an answer, Maxie decided to go back. As she entered the room she shouted, “Dante, don’t “ and Mr. August who was accompanying her was shot.

Security people with guns drawn showed up, and one said the patient was secure. Maxie said she was taking Peter to “General Hospital“ to people she can trust, and it turns out he only had a flesh wound in the shoulder.

Nothing else was shown in Ithaca and Dante was never actually shown. This seems to indicate that Dominic Zamprogna is not returning and the role is not being recast. Obviously, the former police detective has severe issues and is not ready to return home. His being mentally unstable may have to be dealt with and treated for a long time to come.

Maxie messes up again

Everyone warned Maxie that she should not search for Dante, but as usual, she did not listen. She risked both her life and Peter’s as well as causing Dante to lash out. At the end of Monday’s episode of “General Hospital,” Maxie had to face her best friend and give her the news. What happens now is anyone’s guess. Lulu had just spoken to Sonny about all the family events her husband is missing and how much she wants him back. Now that she knows the awful truth, Mrs. Falconeri must make a harsh decision.