When Calls the Heart” did what every beloved television drama aims to do in its June 2 Season 6 finale, “Two of Hearts.” The final offering for the unexpectedly tumultuous season was brimming over with the love, faith, and warm unity so unique to Hope Valley, and still managed to leave faithful fans wondering about what is to come for the future, particularly for Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow).

With calm restored to the community after the calamity brought by Lucas Bouchard’s (Chris McNally) pursuer, Amos Dickson, and his swindlers, the saloon owner is getting extra scrutiny as he prepares for the Founders' Day Festival.

He promises “only the fun kind” of a surprise to Rosemary (Pascale Hutton), who is her typical, one-woman dynamo in directing and delegating all the details for the day’s events. She has the perfect assistant in Fiona (Kayla Wallace), who works on the same wavelength.

Elizabeth is overjoyed to celebrate baby Jack's baptism, and honestly, every scene with twins, Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor, who take on the role, is a priceless delight. Krakow clearly has a natural bond with her on-screen boys, and in this one, they even giggle and gurgle on cue, along with flashing precious smiles.

The day had its share of abounding love, a scare resolved safely, and some meaningful gestures and gazes for more than one gentleman.

Sacred and surprising

One of the reasons why “When Calls the Heart” consistently keeps its high ratings and the hearts of its faithful viewers is the way the drama so authentically captures the period along with a present-day appeal. The christening ceremony was a treasure in family-friendly TV, and the pastor seemed so natural that none of his words seemed from a script.

Seeing the whole of Hope Valley assembled in support of Elizabeth and her son was a very healing pause after the drama’s predicament prompted by Lori Loughlin’s legal problems.

Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) surprised Elizabeth, stopping by out of uniform to leave a gift for her. The dutiful Mountie offered a hand-carved plaque with the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: “Always do what you are afraid to do.” He stressed that it was “for the library,” but it was clear that he hoped she would take it to heart.

She was clearly moved by the meaningful gesture.

Elizabeth also had a talk with Lucas before little Jack's ceremony, cautioning that his associates almost took her away from her son. He pledged that he would have done whatever was necessary to keep her safe. He mentions that being a hero is “kind of his thing,” (even when he doesn't always make the most logical choices). Both Lucas and Nathan came to the christening.

A ring and a runaway

The Founders' Day event is packed with fun. Nathan and Lucas display their muscles and male bravado to prove who can send the most powerful hammer blow and win a fishing pole for Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller). It turns out to be Dr. Shepherd (Paul Greene) who takes the honors for the happy girl.

Dr. Shepherd also is the one to find Spencer (Brenden Sunderland), when the boy escapes in a flash from the watchful care of Grace (Jocelyn Hudon). The child is still in the throes of grief, and being surrounded by parents and children only makes the yearning for his own family grow. The entire mass of attendees go on a mission to find Spencer, but he hides in Dr. Shepherd's office. One of the sweetest exchanges in this “When Calls the Heart” happens as Carson extends his hand and listens with his heart. Spencer understands that living with Grace and her sister in their new home might not be so bad after she explains that her parents died when she was a child.

After all the pie eating, hairstyling, and festival fun, there is still a community dance.

Lee (Kavan Smith) gets good news about landing the big lumber contract and makes Jesse (Aren Buchholz) his business manager. The promotion means that Jesse can propose to Clara (Eva Bourne). He surprises her with the ring and heartfelt words that he will work to “deserve your love” at the dance.

Nathan definitely captures baby Jack's fancy at the dance. The Mountie makes him giggle with glee while mommy looks on from a distance.

Another unexpected moment comes when Bill (Jack Wagner) finds documentation that Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins) actually did try to alert the mine owners of the danger that took so many husbands, sons, and brothers back when the community was Coal Valley. Elizabeth overhears and tries to persuade Henry to move on past that terrible ordeal.

“How can I?” he asks. She understands his doubt at the same time that she extends forgiveness.

Lee reminds Rosemary that even though she has no children of her own (yet), she blesses every child in Hope Valley by all that she does. Family is in the future for this beautiful couple, one way or the other. Rosemary and Fiona call for a “ladies’ choice” dance. Nathan and Lucas stand alone. Elizabeth asks Lucas for a dance, to which he responds: “absolutely.”

She is enjoying her dance but happens to see Nathan looking at her, and leaving out a side door. Her eyes seem to run after him, but “When Calls the Heart” fans will have to wait until 2020, or at least Christmas of 2019, to discover what she does.