It has been a while since a romantic relationship has happened in the NCIS world, so somebody may break Rule 12, “never date a coworker,” in “NCIS” season 17. There may be another Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo), famously known as Tiva, at work with Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

Bishop and Torres have been flirting with each other in past seasons, but nothing ever came to fruition. Whenever either of them invited the other, they always ended up forgetting their meet up.

A new love story in the NCIS world

“NCIS” season 17 may finally be the time for a love story between Bishop and Torres. The two may finally cross the line and take their relationship to the next level.

Fans love to see Bishop and Torres together on the small screen. They have great chemistry that keeps viewers romantically inspired.

So, from the looks of it, these two agents may be heading to a romance. However, the Cheat Sheet reported that if there would be a drastic change in their storylines, it might never happen.

Bishop’s dating life

Will there be a chance that Bishop and Torres’ finally hook up and have an affair? Some fans believe Bishop is still married to Jake (Jamie Bamber). However, the former couple is already divorced, so she is free to date and be with whomever she wants.

After her split with her ex-husband, Bishop had a heated romance with Qasim Naasir (Rafi Silver). He even proposed to her, but his unexpected death quickly ended their engagement.

Since then, Bishop has yet to go on a date again. In fact, the closest she comes to a relationship is when she casually flirts with Torres. Will they finally become official in “NCIS” season 17?

Agents may not be in a romantic relationship after all

Fans have been hoping to see Bishop and Torres together. But according to TV Insider, the two still have to grow individually.

Bishop seems to have no luck when it comes to love. Her marriage fell apart, her fiancé died, and she has remained single since then. Although things may change, when she and Torres become an item, CBS may not allow them to develop a relationship yet.

If ever the producers push for their romance, it may only look like a fan service -- introducing a new romance between the coworkers just for the sake of it. It may be too early for the two to take things seriously, but it may happen in the future.

CBS has already announced its fall season schedule, including “NCIS” season 17. The police procedural drama will, once again, be seen on the small screen beginning Tuesday, Sept. 24.

The show will begin the primetime schedule at 8 PM ET. So, in a few months, fans will finally have their answers to the questions about Ziva’s surprising arrival.