No one can ever accuse Jenna Bush Hager of not doing her part for her career. The mom of two, and soon to be three in a matter of weeks, has already sacrificed much as a “Today” co-host. Her co-hosting aptitude for the fourth hour of “Today” was never in question. Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb gave Jenna Bush Hager the warmest of praise, for the job in February, and Kathie Lee remarked at how she watched Hager “become a star” when she took on the lion’s share of broadcasting duties while Hoda was assigned to the Winter Olympics in 2018.

As the newbie on board, 37-year-old Hager took her professional duty so seriously that she refused to even reveal her own pregnancy during the festivities surrounding KLG’s “Today” farewell in April.

Only days into taking her chair next to Hoda, the arrival of Kotb’s second adopted daughter meant that Jenna Bush Hager would take the helm as co-host largely on her own, with a variety of fond guest host candidates. She didn't have the heart to impose on anyone's joy.

With “a lot of Spanx involved,” Hager confessed that she concealed her third pregnancy for nearly 6 months before her announcement in late April. The news also accompanied word that the Hager family would have their first son and the first Bush male grandson. Jenna happily moved into mommy mode and got comfortable about discussing everything from breast pumping to her prenatal workouts.

Jenna Bush Hager is a glorious eight months pregnant now and happily celebrated a night out with her good friend and sister Texan, Lela Rose, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards on June 3.

As Jenna described on June 4’s “Today,” not everyone loved the glowing red-orange cape dress on the glowing mom-to-be. As always, Jenna didn't let naysayers steal her comfort or her joy for the night.

Fun and freedom at last

Lela Rose, being both a fashion designer and beloved friend, relished designing the blazing cape dress, insisting that “Jenna is my favorite part” of the design.

Hager is just happy that two, “and actually three” children have room under the voluminous creation, and no more holding in the abdomen is necessary, as she explained to Entertainment Tonight via MSN.

Joanne, the executive producer for Jenna Bush Hager's hour, didn't seem too complimentary as she stressed the size. “Looks like you had a BIG night!” the producer offered in her response.

Who really cares about detractors, when a busy mom can fit her two daughters, Mila and Poppy, under the canopy of the cape from behind, and baby in the front. Poppy asked her mom, “Where are you flying to?” as Hager left for the night. Even child fantasy is a bonus.

Rose raved about Hager's “grace, smile, and love of life,” that enhance all she does. Both friends raved about another lady in orange, Jennifer Lopez, who took the Fashion Icon Award. Almost no one can emulate the energy and physique that J Lo maintains at 50, but every mom deserves to be comfortable.

Jenna Bush Hager warned Rose that there was no way she could fit into a sample dress, and the friend in fashion came through with one that worked, no sucking in or squeezing required.

An A- list mom club

Jenna Bush Hager agreed with Willie Geist this morning that the “C group” along any red carpet is just fine, allowing subjects to avoid the demand and the glare that follows Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lopez. Jenna Bush Hager had a grand time with her friend and even wore some glitzy high-heeled shoes without a glitch.

With Hager, Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Dylan Dreyer all having young children at once, there is a built-in “Today” hotline for advice and support. Mothers all face the same dilemmas and meltdowns, even if they go on camera at 6 AM EST. These moms are known for keeping it honest and real, with each other and their viewers. Hager calls the group “the mom gang,” and their sparkle surpasses any red carpet design.