CBS has officially announced its fall 2019 premiere dates, including “Blue Bloods” season 10. The show will be once again seen on its usual timeslot, every Friday at 10 PM ET, beginning September 27.

The network’s fall season shows will start on September 23. However, there will be a big change on its usual Friday schedule as “Hawaii Five-0” season 10 will begin at 8 PM ET that will be followed by “Magnum P.I.” season 2 at 9 PM ET.

Picking up where the previous season left off

“Blue Bloods” season 10 will continue where the previous season ended – at Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie’s (Vanessa Ray) controversial wedding.

This seemed to be the most intriguing wedding on television history as the show didn’t give fans a chance to see their exchange of vows.

The scene just faded to black, and it was the end, causing an uproar from fans. To defend CBS’s decision, Estes told TVLine they already exchanged vows at the dinner table, during the rehearsal dinner before the wedding.

"You know how Hitchcock taught us that the monster you don't see is the scariest?” she teased. “Maybe the wedding you don't see is the most beautiful?"

Does that mean fans will never have the chance to see their wedding? Estes revealed they didn’t film more wedding scenes other than what was already shown, so there might be additional scenes featuring their nuptials.

Tom Selleck, who plays Frank, on the other hand, told Deadline the show’s producers chose not to fully feature the wedding on the small screen. As they knew they couldn’t top Prince Charles and Princess Dianna’s wedding, they decided not to show the ceremony.

Fans demanding to see the wedding scene

Meanwhile, it looks like fans are still not yet over the unseen wedding of Jamie and Eddie.

When CBS announced the show’s release date on its official Twitter page, a lot of fans demand to see the continuation of Jamko’s wedding and their exchange of vows.

One fan said “Blue Bloods” season 10 could feature a flashback scene of the controversial wedding on the 100th episode. Another one asked the network to show the nuptial that they didn’t get.

There was also a follower who suggested to use the season 10 premiere and landmark the 200th episode to fix the huge mess that the season 9 finale left. It explained fans felt they were left down and lied to by the show by not revealing Jamko's wedding. It even threatened the network that they would switch channel and would lose them for good if it didn’t do what they demand.

Will CBS give their request? It will be up for the show’s producers and the network if they will hear the viewers' cry and give them a glimpse of Jamie and Eddie’s wedding in “Blue Bloods” season 10. If it happens, everyone will surely celebrate.