Blood & Treasure” is part of the lineup for CBS summer TV. The new show draws inspiration from “Indiana Jones” with its treasure hunting plot and a strong connection to history. The pilot introduces fans to the hunt for the missing sarcophagus of Cleopatra and to the charming leads played by Matt Barr and Sofia Pernas. Barr plays antiquities expert and former FBI agent Danny McNamara while Pernas plays the intelligent thief Lexi Vaziri.

To stop a terrorist's plan and locate the missing sarcophagus, the two must put aside their issues with each other and deal with their complicated past.

The first few episodes feature high action moments, a strained relationship between two exes, and plenty of twists in the attempts to stop Tarouk. Fans also get treated to a variety of flashbacks which have included how Lexi and Danny met and what led to the fallout between them. The show also stars Mark Gagliardi, Oded Fehr, Michael James Shaw, James Callis, Katia Winter, and Alicia Coppola. The first season will consist of 13 episodes.

Danny and Lexi search for a train car

A new episode of “Blood & Treasure” airs June 18 and will find Danny and Lexi journeying to Spain to search through the mountains to find a train car supposedly carrying the sarcophagus of Cleopatra. Elsewhere in the episode, Lexi gains new knowledge about the Brotherhood of Serapis from antiquities dealer Simon Hardwick.

A handful of sneak peek photos released by CBS tease moments including Lexi and Danny on horseback, Danny sporting a cowboy hat, a map for important looking people, and Lexi dancing with Simon Hardwick.

The episode is entitled “The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida.” Creator Matthew Federman teases to KsiteTV that one of his favorite moments occurs during the episode which he describes as being a perfect Lexi and Danny moment.

Creator Stephen Scaia adds that there are two great moments between Lexi and Danny during the episode.

Episode seven is entitled “Escape from Casablanca” and will air June 25. As the episode title suggests, Lexi and Danny find themselves in Casablanca where they get stuck and have to stay a step ahead of law enforcement and their enemies to avoid going to jail.

Meanwhile, Simon Hardwick investigates the Brotherhood of Serapis which lands him into danger.

The first episode of July called “The Lunchbox of Destiny” and finds Danny and Lexi receiving information from the FBI in regards to Cleopatra which could help their search. The FBI will only give them information if Danny can persuade his father Patrick to reveal where the paintings he stole twenty years ago are located. Elsewhere in the episode, Farouk's plan takes a big step forward as he ties up a loose end.

Creators share teases about the summer series

Matthew Federman shares with KsiteTV about how the flashbacks, which are seen in every episode, were a part of the show from the beginning. The use of flashbacks comes from the place they have in the genre of treasure hunting which is why in “Blood & Treasure” the flashbacks are used to supply the history of the characters and various key events in the characters' search for Cleopatra.

To add authenticity to the show, Federman reveals various experts who helped bring this story to life include an Egyptologist, a researcher on staff, and a consultant. Federman also ensures that the storyline featuring Farouk will come to an end in the finale while Stephen Scaia shares that if the show gets renewed, each season will follow a new treasure and a new antagonist. Scaia adds that many who worked on the show say their favorite moment is the last one of the season and it'll be a scene that won't be leaving many dry eyes.