Friday on "The Young and the Restless" Victor Newman found out that he does not have the control over people so events that he thought he possessed. He attempted to use his grandson to try to jog Adam's memory but it did not work. What he did accomplish, was to drive a wedge between himself and his two sons. By the end of the episode, Nick had received a call from his ex-fiancée and someone knocked on Adams door then shot him. Previews for Monday show Nick asking Billy if he pulled the trigger, but viewers know he was with Victoria. It has just been confirmed that Elizabeth Hendrickson is returning as Chloe so perhaps she tried a second time to kill the man who is responsible for her daughter's death.

Adam and Nick confront Victor

On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victor barged into Nick's home demanding that he bring Christian out to see his biological father. Both Adam and his sibling tell the Newman patriarch that he is overstepping his bounds. Adam states that only his brother has the right to determine what happens with the child he has been raising. Nick thanks him then brings Christian into the room. Neither biological father nor his child has any recognition or connection with the other.

Both of Victor's sons convey to him that he cannot control this situation and Adam continues to insist that he cannot recall anything about his past life. Victor's guilt is pushing him to hurry things along, but he cannot determine the outcome of this situation.

Nick feels his father is using Adam to get at him and Christian is the collateral damage. Adam kept saying that he has no feelings for the child and is not trying to take him away from his brother, but Nick is wary of his sibling as well as his father's motives. "Y&R" viewers realize there is one person who has authority regarding Christian and she is about to make her presence known.

Chelsea will soon be back in Genoa City.

Nick hears from Chelsea, Adam is shot

Later, Nick gets a text from Chelsea that he ignores. This is the first time there has been any mention of communication between the two, on "The Young and the Restless," since she left town. Two more texts come through, one of them saying that hey really need to talk, but Nick does not answer any of them.

When he does, he will probably be the one to tell his former fiancee, that her supposedly deceased husband is very much alive.

Moments later Adam hears someone at his front door. He opens it with a surprised look on his face but viewers never see who is there. A shot rings out and Adam falls to the ground, but as he just got back to Genoa City, "Y&R" fans know he will not die. Spoiler alerts indicate that something miraculous will come from this tragedy. Soap Hub and Celeb Dirty Laundry say that the prodigal son will regain his memory as a result of being shot, so be sure to tune in on Monday.