Eileen Davidson will be reprising her role as Ashley on "The Young and the Restless” this week. Ms. Abbott was last seen just after Neil's memorial service. She will return to Genoa City to help her siblings handle a medical crisis with their mother. Jack and Traci need her so together they can make some end of life decisions for Dina. While the Abbotts are considering placing their family matriarch in a memory care facility, the Newman patriarch is hiding a medical secret from his loved ones. Victor will find out he has an illness that could take his life, but he naturally wants to keep the information to himself.

At some point, Nikki at least must be told and the couple will be handling yet another crisis together.

Victor may be dying

Eric Braeden, who portrays Victor Newman has stated on numerous occasions that he and his "Y&R" character will both be around for a long time. The award-winning actor has said that when you stop working, you die. Keep this in mind because TV over the mind is reporting that the big secret that Victor is now hiding from his loved ones is that he has a terminal illness. This contradicts the soap veteran's statements and many viewers have probably dismissed this plot and will not take it seriously.

Longtime fans of the CBS daytime drama may wonder why the writers have thrown this curveball at viewers who know Braeden's position on leaving the show?

The man ho portrays Victor is very outspoken on social media and had he decided to retire would more than likely have told his followers, This is one time when the new head writing team needs to be completely transparent because long time "Y&R" fans are not going to buy into this storyline.

Dina is going to an Alzheimer's facility

When Dina Mergeron returned to "The Young and the Restless" it was announced early on that she had Alzheimer's disease, Viewers knew that she was in Genoa City for the long goodbye. Now Soap Opera Spy is reporting that Ashley will come back to town to assist her siblings with the end of life care for their mother.

Last week Dina was so out of control and confused that Traci and Jack decided it was time to place her in a memory care facility. They spoke of how even with round the clock care, and a monitor, their mother was still wandering off.

Dina and Victor are the oldest characters on "The Young and the Restless," and their presence in Genoa City means a lot to devoted fans. Although Ms. Mergeron is beloved, viewers knew this day would come as there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease. It has not yet been announced what type of illness Victor is dealing with, or his life expectancy. It may be that he has been misdiagnosed. Stay tuned to find out what happens because there must be more to this than meets the eye.