During a Q&A, at the Cannes film festival, Sylvester Stallone indicated that he does not have any plan to appear in yet another film in the Creed spin-off series. However, he did have a gem of an idea for another Rocky movie. It could be one where the boxer meets an illegal immigrant in America. He went on to add that it would be a different type of film and the likelihood of making such a film is remote but “it could work.” Sylvester did not clarify whether Rocky would take the immigrant under his care and train him to be a boxer.

Immigration, today, seems to be a major issue under the Trump administration, but, according to the Guardian, the actor assures that Rocky was beyond politics, there was never any intention to make him part of any political scenario.

He went on to add that John Rambo, another of his memorable roles, was also not created to make any political statement. The movie “First Blood” shows how a Vietnam veteran takes on corrupt law enforcement in a small town.

Stallone in Cannes to promote Rambo sequel ‘Last Blood’

Talking about “First Blood,” Stallone said the movie focused on veterans of the Vietnam War who returned suffering from PTSD and suicidal thoughts. The movie was based on a 1972 novel by David Morrell in which Rambo dies. Stallone explained that he lobbied to ensure that Rambo did not die.

The reason was simple. Stallone wanted to pass on a message to the Vietnam War veterans that they must not succumb to the easy way out by killing themselves but by living.

Sylvester Stallone was at Cannes to attend a 4K restoration screening of “First Blood” and promote his forthcoming Rambo sequel, “Last Blood.” The storyline of this movie is about rescuing his adopted daughter from the hands of a Mexican drug cartel.

He does not reveal much but says that there will be violence and bloodshed. Stallone also told the audience about his struggle to become a successful actor. He had some speech difficulties from a birth defect, but he was able to overcome such obstacles. As he ages, gracefully, he now undergoes regular medical checkups.

Cannes honors Sylvester Stallone

According to Variety, on the final day of Cannes, thousands of Stallone fans gathered to give him a standing ovation. It was to honor the actor as he looked back at his 43-year career and talked about how he never wanted “Rambo” to get so political. He met his fans for nearly an hour-and-a-half-long talk discussing “Rocky” and “Rambo” – the two characters he immortalized. The former appeared in eight films and the latter in four. The fifth “Rambo” will hit the theaters on Sept. 20. He delighted the audience when he disclosed that he still lives with the two turtles from “Rocky.” They are now about 55 years old have grown enormous.