Even before Paul Greene came to “When Calls the Heart” as Carson Shepherd, the Canadian actor had amassed a roster of impressive roles on his acting resume. He made his major film debut in the 2010 Sofia Coppola film, “Somewhere.” He had memorable roles in “NCIS” and numerous Canadian series prior to his many Hallmark movie favorites like “A Perfect Match” and “Christmas in Angel Falls.”

When Paul Greene joined “When Calls the Heart” in 2017, his character was truly an unknown quantity. Dr. Shepherd was so disheartened by a consuming failure with a past patient that he didn't want anyone in Hope Valley to even know he was a doctor.

He took a job at the town café. It wasn't until he and his nurse, Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks), successfully performed a very demanding and delicate brain surgery that he regained his confidence. He then became the trusted physician of the community.

Dr. Shepherd is embracing another aspect of life with his character in Season 6 of “When Calls the Heart”-- playing a man completely in love. Paul Greene dropped in on “Home & Family,” posted May 8, to discuss the delights and dilemmas of his character’s workplace romance. He also played the show off with music from his new album, “Freedom for Your Soul.”

Fathers and lovers

Carson Shepherd made his love for Faith Carter abundantly clear in the May 6 episode, “Surprise” on “When Calls the Heart,” kissing his nurse passionately in the middle of the street.

The unspoken declaration happened after the two had unexpectedly “camped” overnight, and Faith shared that she and her father had become estranged after her decision to become a nurse. Her mother had contracted typhoid fever from a patient, and the sting of being called a fool still lingered within her.

Paul Greene admitted that Carson was not the most sophisticated man when it came to romance, but he did say that helping Faith to heal the hurts with her father is just the kind of move he would make in the same situation.

“It's the only way our relationship [on-screen] even has a chance.”

The star spoke about the thrill of being able to “create our characters” on the massive Hallmark Channel hit drama, and related how his closeness with his own family gave more impetus in this on-screen situation.

Greene lost his father to ALS but remains devoted to his mother, who frequently visits the “When Calls the Heart” set.

He described always making a point of being completely in tune during conversations that they share, never making them just a rundown of “automatic” niceties. He calls her every day.

Fans were treated to a preview clip of Dr. Shepherd trying to make a phone call to Faith’s father.

Let the music play

Music is another passion for Paul Greene. The accomplished actor plays piano, guitar, bass, drums, and harmonica, along with singing.

Unfortunately, there wasn't time to showcase a full musical set for Paul Greene, but he did get to play out the show with his new music.

He drew inspiration from his father in making “Freedom for Your Soul, ” which he described as “country-gospel Americana.” The tracks also include his father’s favorite instrument, the pedal steel, prominently throughout the album. Sales proceeds from the album will benefit ALS and autism charities.

Like Paul Greene and Dr. Carson Shepherd, the music embraces life and hope, and that spirit thrives on “When Calls the Heart.”