On "The Young and the Restless," Victor has been keeping secrets, but now has no choice but to come clean. He will enlist Sharon to assist him in helping Adam retrieve his memories. Chelsea, however, is slated to return to Genoa City and a love triangle may form. Nikki is going to fly to Las Vegas and will be shocked at what her spouse has been up to. As the majority of the Newmans deal with the startling news that the prodigal son back, one member of the family will be working solo in an attempt to have the life she believes she deserves. Summer will manipulate Kyle to take a business trip that she hopes will turn into so much more.

Chelsea return on 'Y&R' will shift things

Soap Dirt reports that Chelsea's return could complicate things on "The Young and the Restless." She was Adam's wife at the time of his alleged death but married his brother Nick. She skipped town with Conner and left Christian with the Newmans. Adam is the biological father of both children, so custody will eventually become an issue. Victor has Sharon trying to help his son retrieve his memories, which could cause the two to fall in love again. If that happens, Nick, Chelsea, and Rey's lives would shift.

There is also the chance that Chadam will reconnect, but this may depend on whether or not Melisa Claire Egan will be under contract in the role of Chelsea.

There are two things, however, that "Y&R" viewers do know to be true at this time. The first is that Adam is indeed returning to his family. The second is the fact that Victor recognized his son as "Spider Spider," which indicates there has been no plastic surgery this time around.

Victor's discovery of Adam will disrupt his family

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Victor's family will have mixed emotions about Adam's family. Victor will confide in Sharon who will agree to help Adam restore his memories. On Monday (May 6), Nikki will make her way to Las Vegas and discover what her husband has been hiding.

She will have the same questions as viewers, regarding how Adam survived the explosion, where he has been, and how his father located him. Victoria and Nick will have mixed emotions about their brother's return from the dead, as will most of Genoa City because their lives will be disrupted. Sharon is also connecting with Paul. This could make for a great rating boost in May Sweeps.

Summer won't give up on Kyle

CDL also reports that Summer is not about to give up on her marriage to Kyle and already has a plan set in motion. On Friday (May 3), she agreed that the two of them to attend a business meeting in New York. Lola is busy with her new restaurant and will be unable to attend, so Kyle will have to go alone.

His soon-to-be-ex will find a way for them to sleep in the same hotel room, hoping he will share her bed. Right now, Kyle is high on the love of Lola and being her first lover. He will probably be strong initially, but Summer will keep going until she wears him down.