The Rosales family will soon be minus two of its clan and fans will be delighted at the way "The Young and the Restless" pulls it off. Some viewers resented this family because Paul Williams was removed from the scene to give them airtime. Doug Davidson's character is back, which may ease some of the hard feelings. On Friday's cliffhanger, Mia confessed to Paul and then bent over in pain. Earlier spoilers suggested she would miscarry and be later end up in jail for assaulting her sister in law. Now, however, the truth is being revealed, and Lola's brother and sister in law will be riding off unscathed, into the sunset together.

Arturo and his lover may even get the good news that the child she is carrying belongs to him.

Paul drops charges against Mia

On Friday's "Y&R" episode it looked as if Mia might lose her freedom and her child. Just after she confessed to Paul, she bent over in pain, holding her stomach. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that she will not miscarry and neither will she go to prison for attacking Lola. The spoiler indicates that Rey will plead with the police chief for leniency and he will comply. When Lola refuses to press charges. Mia's will not be in danger of losing her unborn child and will eventually take a paternity test.

The results of the test have not yet been revealed but Arturo will most likely be the baby daddy.

CDL teases that the DNA test could always be rigged, and Mia could come back years later to inform Rey he is a father. That's a stretch and besides, detective Rosales has other issues to worry about at this present time. Soap Dirt says Adam will be back in Genoa City soon, which could cause problems for Rey if he and Sharon reconnect.

Arturo and Mia bid Genoa City farewell

Mal Young did a disservice to the actors who make of the Rosales family because he fired Doug Davidson and placed the newcomers in almost every episode. Loyal fans as well as cast members were troubled and made their discontent known. In February, Jason Canela announced that the Rosales family was here to stay and disgruntled viewers needed to accept it.

Ironically, he was the first one of his clan to be let go. Canela obviously had no idea of the loyalty the "Y&R" fans felt towards the man who portrayed Paul for 40 years, or that the powers that be would listen.

Rey and Mia should have been brought to Genoa City under different circumstances. Veteran actors should not have been pushed aside to showcase the Rosales family. Because of all the chaos, Rey's wife and sibling are now about to bid farewell. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching "The Young and the Restless" each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.