Even before former first lady, Laura Bush, came to “Today” for her May 3, fourth-hour, welcome from her daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, and co-host, Meredith Vieira, there was a little explaining to do. No, this time no one was wearing a bathrobe in front of the conscientious Mrs. Bush. When Jenna Bush Hager announced, earlier in the week, that her mother was making room in her very busy schedule, to stop by the “Today” set, Meredith Vieira inquired about what she was doing.

“I don't know-- a lot,” responded Hager, who has followed in her mother's footsteps in many regards with campaigns for literacy and learning.

Certainly, no offense was intended by the answer, but it did leave an impression of a much more laid-back Laura Bush than anyone remembers, particularly when it comes to her many personal initiatives for charity and social good.

Another issue prompted Laura Bush to get some loving instruction to her daughter on another intimate subject, and as usual, nothing seemed to be left unsaid between the mother and daughter this morning.

Delightful and distinct changes

Naturally, Laura Bush talked of being “thrilled” to soon welcome the first male grandchild to the expansive Bush brood. She even reflected on the benefits of having twin daughters, saying, “you get to babies with just one pregnancy.” An added bonus was that there was always a baby for dad to hold as well as her through their toddling years.

She did admit that it wasn't so easy having 13-year-old girls in exactly the same throes of adolescence.

Speaking of remarkable adolescent milestones, mom Laura Bush did say that she sent Jenna some proper information when the daughter had mentioned to Meredith last week that “the change” that she understood while growing up in Texas referred to puberty.

Laura Bush made it very clear that menopause was the correct indicator of “the change.” Jenna was still committed to the idea that her teachers used “change” because puberty was “sort of a shocking word.” Her mother gently disagreed.

Timing became a bit of a sticky subject, too. When Jenna Bush Hager flat-out asked if her mom watched her hour of “Today” (apart from the “change” conversation), Mrs.

Bush said “I watch,” but explained that “by 10 o'clock, I've already gone to work,” with her calendar of commitments. At least Jenna Bush Hager can take comfort in knowing that her mom watches enough through a week to catch little things.

Pets and permissive grand-parenting

Laura Bush offered her husband's quotes; “Grandchildren are the great part about old age,” and that his philosophy is that “they can have whatever they want” while in grandparent custody, even if Jenna contends that it takes a week to get her daughters back on track after a visit.

Mrs. Bush noted another special visit, via an invitation from Melania Trump following the death of matriarch Barbara Bush. The family was able to visit with all of the White House butlers and maids, still living, who served in her lifetime, and each offered personal memories.

The former first lady was gracious enough to share a few images from her Instagram, one was of a rare owl contentedly resting on her arm at an Asian animal refuge. Another was a painting from her husband of their cat, Bob, who was catching rabbits on the ranch one day, and the next was “on top of our bed, smoking a cigarette,” per the words of President George W. Bush.

Another cat, Bernadette, was brought into the chat, and Jenna Bush Hager recalled that her mother loved the feline so deeply that she hardly noticed that her daughter's eyes were swelled shut from allergies and constant watering.

“She didn't care,” Jenna insisted. “Well, I loved you, too, but I LOVE cats, responded Laura Bush

Among the activities that Mrs.

Bush enjoys. and employs, in order to keep physically and mentally fit are her hikes with a close circle of female friends several times a year, bird-watching, and mental stimulation such as that promoted by Women Against Alzheimer's like; word jumbles, jigsaw puzzles, and visual acuity exercises.

Fittingly, mother and daughter feasted on vegetarian Mexican tacos and enjoyed a pre-Mother's Day fashion show to finish off the first lady’s special visit in complete harmony.

With the history, the heart, and the ever-growing numbers of the Bush family, no one will run out of ways to stay youthful or occupied.