"General Hospital" will air a rerun on Monday, because of Memorial Day but Tuesday's action-packed episode is worth the wait. Jordan, Shiloh, and Scott will have to listen to news they would rather not hear, but each finds a way to deal with it. The police commissioner's husband will be hard-pressed to give her the latest update on Ryan Chamberlain, but he must. Ava Jerome's lawyer is going to be flabbergasted at her attitude regarding her current situation, yet she is going to stand her ground. Sam comes clean with Dawn of Day founder about her true feelings and his response indicates he continues to believe he has the upper hand.

Scott and Jordan stunned by Ava and Curtis

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," Ava stabbed Ryan in the back with a knife, as a very stunned detective Chase looked on. Soap Opera Spy indicates that on Tuesday, Scott will explain to Ms. Jerome that if the serial killer dies, she will be charged with his murder. Former DA Baldwin is amazed at his client's nonchalant attitude and realizes she believes her actions were justified.

Soap Opera Spy also reveals that Jordan will be off the ventilator on Tuesday which suggests she received the kidney she so desperately needed. A preview showed the police commissioner asking her spouse what was wrong. The "GH" spoiler teases that Curtis may have to tell his wife that her transplant benefactor was none other than Ryan Chamberlain.

Jordan will be in absolute shock when she hears that a piece of the serial killer is now attached to her body.

Sam and Shiloh match wits on 'GH'

Soap Dirt reveals that all of Sam's hard work and sacrifice may have been in vain as Kristina's pledge will be unusable. The "GH" spoiler says that the storyline allowing Shiloh to tattoo, drug, and try to molest Ms.

McCall was pointless, It sounds like Mr. Archer may be sticking around for a while. Jason knocked the Dawn of Day founder down the tower stairs when he rescued Sam. The guru will be grateful to see his protege by his bedside when he wakes but is going to be amazed at what she has to say. The cult leader, like Ryan Chamberlain, won't accept that he has been deceived by the woman he believed he knew so well.

Sam will attempt to convince Shiloh that she was never really under his spell but the self-help guru does not believe her. These two will find themselves in a battle of wits until the very end and it will be interesting to watch. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 200 PM ST. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to find out in advance what happens next with Sam, Shiloh, Ava, Scott, Curtis, and Jordan. Summer in Port Charles is going to be sizzling hot.