The "Love & Hip Hop" star is getting hit with a smorgasbord of charges in her latest court situation. As you know, it wasn't too long ago that 38-year-old Reminisce "Remy Ma" Mackie was released from prison. She served six years for accidentally shooting entourage member Makeda Barnes Joseph in the abdomen. Remy has been on the straight and narrow since her release. Then, this happens.

Life has a crazy way of testing your growth and decisions. When you're trying to do better, people and circumstances seem to come right along to push you into the very situation you were avoiding.

That seems to be the case with Remy Ma and Brittney Taylor. According to TMZ, Remy Ma is facing new criminal complaints about allegedly punching co-star Taylor. The source calls the charges "significant updates."

Remy Ma assault charges revealed

TMZ reports that, on Friday, May 24, prosecutors filed four charges against the female emcee. Reportedly, they are as follows: two counts third-degree assault, one count second-degree aggravated harassment, and one count second-degree harassment.

The source mentions that they're all misdemeanors. According to TMZ's report, the charges facing Remy Ma began with an April incident, where Remy allegedly punched "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star Brittney Taylor in her right eye.

This happened while backstage at the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert, at Irving Plaza. Reportedly, Remy Ma was booked for misdemeanor assault once she turned herself in. Remy's charges are official. Remy Ma also dissed Nicki Minaj.

According to Page Six, Reminisce Mackie refused to plead guilty to the third-degree assault charge, which would've resulted in a no-jail sentence and anger management sessions.

Remy isn't looking forward to her July 12 trial date. "I have things to do in my life, like, I have a real job, I have a family, I have a husband, I have a daughter," Remy Ma told the source. But as TMZ states, the rapper says she was nowhere near the venue where Brittney Taylor was allegedly assaulted, on the night of the alleged assault.

Her attorney, Dawn Florio, says Brittney Taylor's attack happened between the hours of 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM. She wasn't at the concert during those times, according to the rapper's team. Although Remy claims to possess visual proof that she wasn't at the venue, her team still hasn't produced evidence of her alibi.

Regarding physical altercations, it's important to think about the consequences to follow. Essentially, these are things to consider before you act. However, in the heat of the moment, it's definitely easier said than done. And in Remy Ma's case, the evidence is always a plus.